Marvin Williams is Bremerton's bust

How would Atlanta have fared in this series had they drafted Chris Paul or Deron Williams instead of Marvin Williams? We shall never know what could have been as the Hawks crippled their franchise by drafting the Bremerton, WA product who played one season at North Carolina, and helped them win a national title. I had an ominous feeling from the get go, as I wondered why they would do that when they already employed a rising star in Josh Smith.

It wasn’t only the Hawks who had Williams rated extraordinarily high on their draft boards, as many ‘experts’ thought he had the most “upside” of all the players coming out of college. He was widely considered to possess superstar potential. I never saw it. The guy came off the bench for the N.C. team that won a title, even scoring the go-ahead basket in the title game against Illinois. Williams was never ultra-explosive or much more then an average jump shooter and to top it of he is a tweener. Tweener meaning he isn’t big enough to score inside as a power forward, and not skilled enough to play on the perimeter. As you can see, Williams still struggles with this today. As you can see in this photograph, Paul is still shocked anytime anyone brings up he was drafted after Marv.

Horrid would not begin to exemplify Bremerton’s favorite son’s postseason. The guy scored 21 points TOTAL in 6 games and that includes starting at least 2 of them, finishing their season with a goose egg in 15 minutes of play. Hey, he did have 1 rebound so I should give him some credit there. Has the young man given up?? He’s 4 years younger then me and you would think he’s a washed up veteran. I’m assuming getting worse every season was not what Atlanta’s brain trust had in mind when taking this guy. He never screamed “superstar,” and in that case you have to draft 1 of the best couple of point guards to come into the league this generation. You just have to.

Sure if they had drafted Paul or Williams, they most likely would never have been in position to draft Al Horford, but after watching him this postseason, I’m not so sure that’s a bad thing. All he does is shoot 20 foot jumpers. How in God’s name is this guy a 2 time all-star and a 3rd team All-NBA player? He’s listed at center, but he’s obviously a power forward, minus the power. I suppose he’s a poor man’s Tim Duncan……Make that a homeless man’s Tim Duncan. He might have scored 6 times in the paint the entire series, and that could be generous. In watching this series, I would never in my wildest dreams thought the guy was an all-star. Not even close. Taj Gibson, the Bulls backup power forward might be better, no lie.

I don’t know where this Atlanta team is headed, but they don’t seem like they will ever get past the 2nd round of the playoffs with this group. It could have been interesting with CP3 running the show………..

P.S. Marvin pumps himself up before every game with this song from his favorite music group, which also hails from his home town of Bremerton. Trust me, don’t move to Bremerton. Just don’t.

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