Great Odin's Raven! Grizz Nation erupts to knot up series

Me; “My God, what is that smell?” Grizz nation; ” That’s the smell of desire my friend!” It must be because these Grizzlies refuse to surrender peacefully.

Memphis beat OKC Friday night to the tune of 95-83, including a 51-29 shellacking in the second half. I truly didn’t think they had the fire to do so after that huuuuuurtful triple OT loss the last time they clashed in the city Oscar winner’s, 3-6 Mafia made famous. I think my favorite song of their’s would be the world renowned “Slob on my knob.” And my favorite line has got to be, “First find a mate. Second find a place. Third find a bag, to hide the ho face.” A true masterpiece.
paper bag

This is what we, fans of the Grizz, call crunch time! Wait a second, I write for the Thunder so big upping Grizz nation shouldn’t be occuring. Whenever I catch myself rooting for Memphis, it comes to mind that Thunderous Intentions pays me the ‘big bucks’ writing about OKC. There are many times when I have to tell myself “LT, check yourself, before you wreck yourself!” Who knows, I may be on the verge of being fired! It’s just so much of a daily struggle not to pull for the Grizzzzzzzz.

Kevin Durant went from King to peasant, putting on a pitiful performance. He had playoff low’s across the board, contributing 11 puntos on 3-14 shooting. Gumby shot 9 three pointers and only cashed in ONE! So let me get this straight, K-deezy aka ‘stick’ only put up 5 shots that were not from long range?? This is totally unacceptable for the 2-time defending leading scorer as he is not even known as a marksman from way outside. Get it together buddy. Take this team to pleasure town. I know he will come back strong or he will otherwise be known as the goat and no I don’t mean the G.O.A.T., which stands for the “greatest of all time.”

Russell Westbrook had a very nice game and shot over 50 percent from the floor so he was for once, not to blame for the L. James Harden came out harder then Ron Jeramy on 100 milligrams of cialis, but fizzled out in the second half worse then the cast of “Friends” after the show went off the air(Minus Jennifer Aniston of course and possibly Courtney Cox, and I guess Mathew Perry has been a few things, but you get the picture). Where’s Phoebe(pronounced Fi-bi)??? Other then that the Thunder came out softer then Chris Farley’s belly(RIP). Ibaka has to be bothered by that ankle injury as he has pulled a disappearing act ever since hurting it. Nick Collison has easily outplayed him in the latter part of this series, and one must ponder whether this will be a large problem going forward or not. OKC is remarkably dangerous when Dr. Nasty is at full strength and in my opinion a true title contender. Without him, they must count on Kendrick Perkins, who put on another masterful performance with 6 points and 7 rebounds in 33 minutes. Tell me why this guy is spoken so highly of again. ENOUGH

The Grizz made a change and started O.J. “da Juice man” Mayo at shooting guard, helping the spread the floor and open up the paint for the big dogs. Z-Bo probably bought him a half gallon of Hennessy afterward as he dropped in 30 and 13, in a game were he finally looked like the ‘bald headed nut’ of game 1. Randolph made numerous tough shots, whether driving or taking step back j’s with a hand all up in his grill. You have to admire the tenacity this man plays with. He’s never discouraged when his shot gets blocked as he just keeps coming back like Arnold in “The Terminator.” Speaking of Ah-nold, now that he’s separated from his wife, are we going to get to see him back in his favorite banana hammock, trying to pick up 18 year olds? A guy can dream right?

Game 7 is going to be a wild one and I can’t wait till sunday’s forthcoming events! Durant will step up and the crowd will carry OKC to victory. It has been written. Till tomorrow my friends…….

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