Yao Ming to Bow Out Gracefully, Set to Officially Retire

Yao Ming truly could have been one of the most dominating centers of all time but injuries to his lower legs and feet have caused him to put the jockstraps away(size small if the rumors are true) and focus on other things. I’m gonna drop the link to the article on ESPN that fully covers this but I had to drop this gem of a quote from the Shaq Daddy saying goodbye:

only a kiss

“We’re going to miss you, bro,” O’Neal said. “You’re one of the greatest players ever to come out of China. You’re one of the greatest players, period. I’m going to miss you, brother. Enjoy retirement. Let’s go on vacation, bro. Me and you.”

Hahahahahhaah. ONE of the greatest player to ever come out of China??? What other players ever came out of that place? Wang Zhizhi? That guy was softer then a grape and would get abused in the paint by Earvin Johnson, and I’m not talking about “Magic.” If your a die hard Thunder fan then you know the history of the Sonics and all about the legendary center known to many as “Big Earv.”

Yao was maybe the only player I ever witnessed who could consistently outplay the Diesel. Shaq just did not match up well against the “length” of the Chinaman. Very impressive “length.” I can see these 2 on vacation together. It needs to happen and it needs to be videotaped for the public’s enjoyment. Who would pull more chicks? Who looks better in board shorts? I want to know.

Wow! I think we have our answer about the board shorts! Yao is jacked!

Seriously though, Yao had more offensive skills then any other center in NBA history who was over 7 ‘2. He had great feet and could hit jumpers all the way out to just inside the 3 point line. He was relentless and you just got the sense when watching him, that he was giving it his all. I have a lot of respect for the Yaoster. I wish he could have played longer. It was a pleasure Mr. Ming. I’ll see you when I get there big dog. And you do know that.

Here’s the link to the article. Also check out the J.A. Adande article linked to this one as well.

YAO GET FUNKY!!! I’m Dancin in this muthaf##Ka

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