Lil B, Please Give it Up Bud

Most would assume this music video is a joke, but this guy is all the way real with it. I’ve been wondering how Lil B the Base God get’s so many fans at his concert’s, but judging by his epic fail of like 1200 albums sold in it’s first week, they are all broke or suddenly realized he is terrible. This dude’s lisp absolutely kills me. You don’t see many speech impediments these day’s. Is that because parents get it corrected somehow when they are young nowadays? Nothing like a good lisp to lighten the mood. It also has been known to help with the ladies as well. That or make it certain you never get a date that isn’t in an online chat room. Anyway, this video is appallingly horrific and I don’t blame you if you cut it short, but this is just so bad it must be seen to be believed.


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