Dave Chappelle is Finished

Why Dave? It huuuuuuuuurts. Dave Chappelle, one of my all time favorites has obviously never recovered from whatever sort of breakdown he had after turning down 50 million dead presidents to continue doing his insanely popular television show, “The Chappelle Show.” Where has he been lately you ask? Well, he’s back from Africa or wherever he vanished off to clear his head or smoke more crack rock then Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown combined, depending on who you believe. And he’s no longer funny.

Chappelle was hired to perform at a charity event put on by former Miami Heat star, Alonzo Mourning, but I’m sure this is not what Zo had in mind. Think about it. How excited would you be to have Dave Chappelle performing at your event? The guy seems almost impossible to find these days and he remains a legend based on season 1 and 2 of his show. After this disturbingly horrible performance, where he hardly tells one joke, I wouldn’t have blamed Zo for choking the life out of the former funny man. He deserved at least one pimp slap from the big guy who famously whiffed swinging on Larry Johnson AKA Gram Mama.

Robin Hood Men in Tights??? Half Baked ?????? He absolutely kills in both of these flicks and was on his way to superstardom after the immense success of his television show. It baffles me to see a man who was once one of the funniest people on the planet, become such a weirdo. Actually more like saddens me. This is a tragedy of epic proportions. Why is he performing at all? Go back Africa Dave. Wow, that sounded extremely racist. I mean that in the sense that he was hiding out there for what seemed like years. I loved Dave Chappelle before his rise to fame. I still do, but this is just tragic.

Heh Zo, maybe next year you can get Chris Tucker to do your event. Jesus, where is this fool? Every once in a while he shows up at the NBA all-star game but seriously why is he not in movies? There are not enough black actors as it is, and there are guys like Tucker refusing to take on rolls, even when he’s one of the funniest guys on the planet? Is he on drugs too? It makes me sick. Tucker and Chappelle used to be my idols. Now, their basically dead to me. I dream they may both return to prominence one day and bring their talents back to the big screen. Please guys. I’m begging you.
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