Kevin Durant frontrunner for MVP? released their first Race to the MVP Ladder rankings yesterday and Kevin Durant headlined the list as the early favorite to win the award.

The Oklahoma City at 12-3 hold the best record in the West so far this season and are second in the league only to the Chicago Bulls (14-3). Durant has without question been their best player averaging 26.5 points and 6.9 rebounds per game while shooting a career-best 49.8 percent from the field.

Durant’s having a great season but so is LeBron James. James has the best all-around numbers in the league (29.8 PPG, 7.6 APG, 7.9 RPG, 57.7 FG%) and has really turned up his play with superstar Dwyane Wade sidelined with an injury.

Why is everyone leaning toward Durant then? Is it because he is so likeable? The Thunder do have a slightly better record than Miami. Also, Durant hit a game-winning three-pointer on national television to beat Dallas while LeBron has choked down the stretch once in Miami’s loss to the Clippers.

The media and fans in general seem turned off by LeBron no matter what he does or how good his numbers are. The NBA Finals collapse and the Decision sent everyone looking for someone else to fill LeBron’s MVP shoes.

Last year it was Derrick Rose who took home the hardware and this year it could be Durant. If the Thunder tear it up this season and finish with the best record in the West, expect Durant to win the award over LeBron no matter what LeBron’s numbers say.

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