Trailblazers (21-23) at Thunder (33-11), 9:30 P.M. EST tip

Thunder (1-game losing streak)
106.6 Offensive Efficiency (2nd)
99.8 Defensive Efficiency (12th)
96.1 Pace (4th)
56.8 True Shooting % (1st)
51.1 Rebound Rate (6th)

Blazers (1-game winning streak)
102.2 Offensive Efficiency (11th)
100.4 Defensive Efficiency (13th)
94.0 Pace (16th)
53.1 True Shooting % (10th)
49.5 Rebound Rate (20th)

The Thunder have been through a tough stretch lately losing most recently to the San Antonio Spurs two nights ago. Tonight they will face Portland for the first time since the trade deadline when the Blazers made it clear they weren’t in it to win it anymore this year.

The Blazers traded away Gerald Wallace and Marcus Camby at the trade deadline in return for very little.

At the beginning of the year, Portland was looking like the potential worst matchup for the Oklahoma City Thunder in a series. While they still have a decent lineup that is certainly not the case anymore.

The Blazers however beat the team with the best record in the NBA in their last game, winning against the Chicago Bulls who were without Derrick Rose for the game.

Tonight they will contend with the Thunder who will have all of their big guns. Kevin Durant will not have to deal with Wallace who was a tough cover on him in previous meetings. The lane should also be cleared some without Camby for Russell Westbrook and James Harden to take it to the rim.

The Thunder have been in cruise control lately and we’ll see what kind of Portland team shows up tonight. They might either be motivated to still play strong or a depressed type that is just mailing it in.

Normally I’d say the Thunder were a sure bet at home to get the win but they have not been playing their best basketball lately and until then it seems anyone has a fighting chance to beat them.

The game will tip at 9:30 p.m. EST on ESPN.

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