Russell Westbrook shirt following Game 2 of the NBA Finals

Russell Westbrook has given us gem after gem with his wardrobe choices in this year’s NBA Playoffs. After the Thunder’s 100-96 Game 2 loss to the Heat Thursday, he toned it down a little bit.

We’ve seen teddy bears and we’ve seen the Urkel glasses but this almost looks like something a normal person would wear.

You can’t blame Westbrook for not going too crazy after a loss. It was a tough game for the Thunder and embarrassing from the start as they fell behind 18-2 in the first quarter.

Westbrook struggled from the field, ending up going 10-for-26 with 27 points and received a lot of criticism again for shooting more than Kevin Durant.

Westbrook will always be Westbrook and nowhere is that more evident than what he chooses to wear. The story is now getting away from his shirts though as this series just got serious now 1-1.

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