Oklahoma City Thunder painted car now selling on Craig’s List

The Oklahoma City Thunder have some of the best fans in all of sports. Their city truly loves their players and their home crowd is one of the best.

Drew Hooper may be one of the biggest Thunder fanatics however considering what he has done to his car. Hooper painted his 1996 Suzuki X-90 with the faces of Thunder players on it.

via Deadspin

“My car … not matter what you do to it, it’s going to be about the same value,” Hooper told The Oklahoman in an interview back in May. “So I thought I couldn’t lose. I’m an artist, so why not turn my car into a canvas.”

Hooper is now trying to sell the car which he named “Lightning” on Craig’s List for $3,000. The car is a manual transmission, has 125,000 miles and the passenger window does not work.

Hooper said that he hoped the car would last through the playoffs and the championship.

What more could you want from a car?

Hooper ended the Craig’s List add with this:

Its a great car for the avid Thunder Fan as long as you don’t mind people taking pictures of your car wherever you go! Selling as is $3000…

Thanks Yall!!

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