Kevin Durant in Official 'Thunderstruck' Movie Trailer

Kevin Durant will star in what undoubtedly will be a huge box office hit later this year, his movie Thunderstruck.

In the movie, a young kid (with no basketball skills), is a huge fan of Durant and wishes more than anything in the world that he had Durant’s talent. He ends up getting to go to a Thunder game and take a half court shot at halftime.

Now this is where it gets interesting and I hope you’re sitting down for this. The kid meets Durant and Durant signs a ball for him and when he hands it over to him, he also gives him all of his basketball talent.

This is a brand new twist in a basketball movie that involves an NBA star. It’s totally different than Space Jam or Like Mike.

You will have to wait until Aug. 24 to find out what happens next. The movie is going to be very good, that’s all I know for sure.

Durant will be awesome though all kidding aside. Not necessarily in an acting sense but seeing him on the big screen like this will be cool. He doesn’t have the personality of a Michael Jordan but he will do his own thing in this movie and it will be amazing.

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