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NBA Rumors: LA Lakers targeting LeBron James in 2014?

LeBron James can exercise an early termination option on his contract with the Miami Heat in the summer of 2014. This is a long time from now but there are already some murmurings about where LeBron might go if he decides this.

Of course, the Los Angeles Lakers are now being linked to LeBron.

Several teams’ executives have told they believe the Lakers are positioning themselves to make a run at LeBron James in 2014, when the Miami Heat star can choose to become a free agent.

via ESPN’s Brian Windhorst

Kobe Bryant has talked recently about possibly retiring after two more seasons when his contract is up. It’s not just Kobe’s contract that will be up then, also Pau Gasol’s, Metta World Peace’s, Steve Blake’s and Jordan Hill’s totaling around $65 million.

Essentially the Lakers would be in the market for LeBron to offer him a max contract. The Lakers will also be in position to offer LeBron the best chance to win a title assuming Dwight Howard is still on the roster.

LeBron will have another decision to make and if he makes it for the same reasons as the last one, why wouldn’t he choose the Lakers? Are Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh going to be able to offer LeBron a better chance at a title than Howard in L.A. in 2014-15?

A lot will of course depend on the next two seasons and how the Heat fare. If LeBron can string together two more titles and a three-peat then it’s hard to imagine him leaving. But it’s also very possible the Heat don’t win a title in the next two seasons. And what if it’s the Lakers and Howard dealing them defeat in the NBA Finals?

One thing that could easily stand in the way of this would be Kobe deciding not to retire. There’s nothing close to a guarantee that he will retire after the next two seasons. Many believe he might if he gets his sixth or seventh ring(s). Then there are those who can’t imagine Kobe ever deciding to walk away from the game and him playing into his 40’s.

As far off as this is right now and hard to imagine, LeBron becoming a Laker in a few seasons makes a lot of sense. Let’s try not to think of this Thunder fans.

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