Nov 12, 2012; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant (35) high fives point guard Russell Westbrook (0) during the fourth quarter against the Detroit Pistons at The Palace. Thunder won 92-90. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

How Kevin Durant got each of his career-high 10 assists last night

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Kevin Durant recorded the first triple-double of his career last night at home vs. the Golden State Warriors. He had 25 points, 13 rebounds and a career-high 10 assists as the Thunder beat the Warriors 119-109.

Durant is averaging a double-double this season at 24.5 points and 10.5 rebounds per game. He’s also averaging a career-high 4.6 assists per game and last night was the first time he reached 10 assists in a game.

We know Durant has been trying to become more of a playmaker this season and once the season began, it only seemed a matter of time before he got that elusive triple-double.

Here’s a look at how Durant got each of his assists last night:

9:04 1st Quarter

The Thunder run their post-up play for Durant and Golden State brings a double-team. He is expecting it and has his eye on Russell Westbrook who is spacing the floor at the opposite wing. Durant hits an open Westbrook with a nice pass who knows he is shooting it before he catches it and drills the three.

11:22 2nd Quarter

Durant is handling the ball in the pick-and-roll here. The Warriors double him when he comes off Kendrick Perkins’ pick and Durant throws a one-handed pass across his body to the opposite corner to Kevin Martin for the open three.

7:14 2nd Quarter

Durant is again handling the ball in the pick-and-roll and gets doubled somewhat again when coming off the pick. Martin is more open than before on the opposite wing this time and Durant has his eye on him and finds him with a nice pass for the open three.

3:11 2nd Quarter

Durant has the ball in transition and finds Martin sprinting to the left wing for an open jumper. Martin has his foot on the 3-point line as he makes the open jumper.

0:06 2nd Quarter

Durant gets the defensive rebound with time running out in the first half. He throws an outlet pass to Westbrook a little past half court. Westbrook takes a few dribbles and throws down a hard dunk over Stephen Curry on the fast break.

10:28 3rd Quarter

Durant gets the ball coming off a downscreen and drives the lane. As the defense converges he finds Thabo Sefolosha in the opposite corner for a contested 3-point shot which Sefolosha takes and makes without hesitation.

1:46 3rd Quarter

Westbrook throws it into Durant in the post then flares out to the top of the key. Durant quickly kicks it back out to Westbrook who immediately fires the three of the top of the key and makes it.

1:12 3rd Quarter

Durant clearly wants to get Martin a touch on this position and calls out a play himself. Westbrook gets Durant the ball at the top of the key as he waits for Martin to come off a downscreen on the right side of the floor. Durant finds an open Martin who easily converts the 2-point jump shot.

0:20 3rd Quarter

Durant drives the paint and the defense converges again as he sees Eric Maynor open in the opposite corner. Thunder announced Grant Long calls the shot before the possession begins saying that he is feeling Durant’s ninth assist is coming. Maynor makes it true by knocking down the open corner three to cap off a big third quarter for the Thunder.

4:56 4th Quarter

Durant has come back into the game as the Warriors cut into the lead. Durant has the ball in the pick-and-roll and you can tell Durant knows he has nine assists and wants the triple-double. He drives the lane and Martin slides to an open area on the opposite wing for a 3-pointer. Durant finds him and Martin drills the trey.

It was a great performance by Durant last night. He has really improved his game in an all-around fashion this season. Last night was a perfect opportunity for him to get a triple-double and career-high in assists because of the way Golden State was defending him.

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