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Dwyane Wade dismisses comparisons to Russell Westbrook

It’s easy to look at the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat and see similarities, especially among their two best players.

Kevin Durant and LeBron James play the same position and are considered the two best players in the NBA right now. LeBron is a few years ahead of Durant but we are seeing more and more Durant pattern his game after LeBron.

Russell Westbrook and Dwyane Wade play a similar position too. Westbrook is called a point guard but his style is closer to that of Wade’s.

Wade doesn’t see the similarities between he and Westbrook though.

“None,” Wade told The Oklahoman. “I don’t see none of my game in him. We’re totally different players.”

Alright, there are differences between the two but this is just an example of a player in Wade getting a question from the media and wanting to sound superior.

Sure, Wade is smoother and has a more advanced offensive game but the way they each can affect the game dominating athletically at their guard positions and putting up all-around numbers is a definite similarity.

“Westbrook is a nightmare to prepare for, for any guard with his athleticism, how quick he is, how athletic he is,” Wade went on to say.

At first, it sounds like it could be a little of slight on Westbrook by Wade. The way it sounds when you read it but clearly he does respect him. You kind of have to after a guy drops 43 on you in an NBA Finals game.

The marquee matchup of the day will tip-off at 5:30 p.m. EST. Westbrook vs. Wade will be a big factor in determining the winner.

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