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Top 3 Takeaways From Thunder-Heat Christmas Day

This morning it sunk into my head that this was just another regular season game in December. From the looks of it, you would have probably thought it was Game 7 of the NBA Finals. However, this is just another loss, another learning lesson and another chance to grow from.

There was so much drama and commotion in last night’s game that was hard to keep up with between the Thunder’s rotation, and the refs, but there were a few things to take out of last night’s thriller:

1. Its official that the back-up point guard spot is up for grabs

Last night, Eric Maynor didn’t see the floor and Reggie Jackson stole his minutes. Not only did Jackson steal his minutes but he also produced at a high level with his big And-1 and three in the second quarter. Made decisions have to be made moving forward.

2. Scott Brooks has to change his rotation late

There was zero reason for Kendrick Perkins to be in the game late. Zero. At worst, Brooks should have went offense/defense with Sefolosha and Perkins. It’s a pretty easy concept looking from the outside in: If the Heat go small with LeBron at the four, so should the Thunder.

3. Some things from the Finals last year haven’t changed

Same problems, different game. Nothing has changed. LeBron still gets every call he wants. The Thunder fall into a hole early in the game. Late in games, the Thunder can’t convert on opportunities. These are some things that have to change if the Thunder want to get over hump and beat the Heat in the Finals.

As said before, it’s just one game. However, that was a tough loss to inhale.  Time to move on and get ready for Dallas Thursday.

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