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NBA Trade Rumors: Atlanta Hawks to deal Josh Smith by deadline?

Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith has been mentioned as a potential trade candidate all season long.

The trade deadline is Feb. 21 and it looks like there is a good chance to Hawks will trade Smith.

Expectations are growing that the Hawks will trade forward Josh Smith, a source said. Smith has averaged 17 points, 8.6 rebounds. 4.7 assists and 2.1 blocks this month despite the trade speculation.

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The most popular Josh Smith trade rumors has sent him to the Los Angeles Lakers in exchange for Pau Gasol. Gasol has been coming off the bench recently for the Lakers and isn’t thrilled with that role.

The Hawks just lost Lou Williams for the year and GM Danny Ferry still has the future in mind when it comes to clearing cap space and hasn’t been the biggest Smith supporter either.

There has been some thought that the Oklahoma City Thunder should try and go after Smith too. They could maybe buy low on him at this point and Smith would be a great fit to the already versatile Thunder roster.

The Thunder could package Kendrick Perkins, Jeremy Lamb and Eric Maynor for Smith. Smith is making $13 million this season in the last year of his contract.

The big issue is that Smith recently said he believed he was a max player. It would be impossible for the Thunder to re-sign Smith to a max extension unless they included Serge Ibaka in the trade.

Renting Smith for the rest of the season for Perkins would be a decent deal for the Thunder too though. There is still a chance the Thunder will amnesty Perkins down the road and acquiring Smith would really improve the Thunder’s chances at an NBA title this season.

The reality is that the Thunder would have to absolutely be in love with Smith to consider trading for him. They would have to choose Smith over Ibaka and they would never do that so soon after signing Ibaka to an extension.

A Smith trade could still greatly affect the Thunder even if he isn’t traded to them. Smith on the Lakers with Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash could really improve that roster and turn the Lakers into a potential sleeper in the Western Conference.

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  • nash

    This is ridiculouz. What happen to nba. First it was heat and now lakers and new yorkses. Valuable players bcuz of money. The only fans good for this game is Jack Nicholson and Spike Lee.

    • nash

      This iz ridiculouzz. What happen to NBA. What we are watchin is like we are watchin how the owners and the managers are playin their game of chess. How good are the owners just by moving theirs horses and how smart are the managers by just movin theirs pawns. Never know who goes where and when.
      It no longer the NBA we used to cheer for- much and longer time.
      First it was heat now its lakers and new yorkses. More money you got more valuable players have on ur work schedules or rosters. Missed the days of jordan and pippen, malone and stockton, isaiah and dumars, bird and magic, rodman and sally.
      Now never know who goes where and when. This game is only for Jack Nicholoson and Spike Lee.