Kevin Durant not happy with OKC Thunder’s draft pick of Steven Adams? James Harden mocks pick

A few minutes after it was announced that the Oklahoma City Thunder had selected Steven Adams of Pittsburgh with the 12th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, Kevin Durant tweeted this.

Maybe Durant had higher hopes for who the Thunder would draft with the pick they received from Houston in the James Harden trade.

Adams was not a surprise to be picked by the Thunder, but OKC did come close to having C.J. McCollum or Michael Carter-Williams fall to them at No. 12.

The Thunder also were reportedly very active trying to trade up in the draft. They wanted to get into the top five to take either Alex Len or Victor Oladipo but were unable to do so.

Adams has the potential to become a good NBA player but he is anything but a sure thing. He saw his draft stock rise after the combine when he impressed scouts with his athleticism and ability to knock down the midrange jump shot.

It is very unlikely that Adams sees any playing time with the Thunder any time soon.

If Durant really is disappointed with this pick, that is very worrisome. The last thing you want to do is upset Durant. Of course, Adams could prove us all wrong and be a stud but if that happens, it probably won’t be for awhile.

The Thunder still have two more picks in this draft with the 29th and 32nd overall selections and could still make a trade and do a lot of different things.

Durant later tweeted this. He doesn’t sound too excited.

James Harden decided to mock the pick as well…

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  • Guest

    Considering the time stamp says 5:48pm and the draft started at 7:00pm I highly doubt the validity of this article.

    • akennedy13

      Pacific time.

  • Zach

    I don’t love the pick either because if Adams doesn’t turnout this will go down as the WORST trade in NBA History and I am scared OKC might have to deal with “The Curse of James Harden”

    • Todo Bien

      u serious ? okc got the best out of it , james harden wouldve walked by the end of his contract ur an idiot he sold his soul he was after the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      • Zach

        No they could have kept him and completed a sign & trade this year for any pick/s in the draft. Or even better get a top pick in next years (2014) draft when that class is loaded.

  • Nate Broadus

    Knowing KD, “smh” was probably more about not seeing the pick coming over any disappointment in the pick, itself. If you asked him to name players most likely to be picked at that spot, I’m pretty sure none of them would have been Steven Adams.

  • NZmana

    Fuck that, Steve adams alllll day. Wait and watch, he got our whole damn country behind him, fuck your hating shit, NZ and proud!!.

  • Daniel Hapi

    This is misconstrued information. The “smh” was directed at the insult hurled by the fan TigeeDwayne. Here is a more reliable source,

  • Daniel Hapi

    This is shoddy reporting. Misinformation is the most despicable atrocity for a “news” site. Everyone hating on KD needs to stop, refer to my previous post for the truth.