Dec. 25, 2012; Miami, FL, USA; Oklahoma City Thunder small forward Kevin Durant (left) , Miami Heat shooting guard Dwyane Wade (center) and Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka (right) talk during the second half at American Airlines Arena. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Durant says James Harden is better than Dwyane Wade, beef ensues

Is there anything better than social media beef between two athletes?

Kevin Durant and Dywane Wade got into it yesterday after Durant was asked about his thoughts on the top 10 players in the NBA that came out with.

This list had Wade in the top 10 and James Harden ranked 11th.

Durant said “I think you’re missing James Harden.”

He was asked, “Who would you take off?

He replied, “Dwyane Wade.”

After hearing about Durant’s comments, Wade posted this on his Instagram account.

Durant did not back down tweeting this soon after:


I am so happy that Durant calls out Wade like this. If there is any NBA player that should be called out, it is Wade. He was handed a title in 2006 by the referees and then has won the last two, mostly thanks to LeBron.

Wade is just so unenjoyable to watch on the court sometimes. He complains to officials more than anyone else despite the fact that he gets bailed out as much as anyone and gets away with more stuff than anyone. And he’s a dirty player.

But back to the point here, Harden is without question better than Wade at this point in his career. Of course, the only thing Wade points out is that Durant needs to respect history, basically that Wade has accomplished more than Harden. Yeah, we know, but you’re missing the point of course. It’s about who is the better player now. Harden is the best two-guard in the league and Wade has consistently declined over the past 3-4 years.

Wade won’t prove that he is better than Harden next year, I will pretty much guarantee you that. I will also guarantee that Thunder-Heat will be must-see TV this coming season, as if it wasn’t already.

Durant was extremely frustrated playing Miami last year and we can already tell he will be up to play and beat them as much as ever this season.

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  • Stanley Carr

    He was better than him n d finals cause harden choked…

  • Jeffrey Gebeau

    So much ignorance contained in one article. Wade has consistently declined the past 3 or 4 years? So three years ago when he (not LeBron) led the Heat within two games of the 2011 title and was prevented from getting his 2nd Finals MVP by LeBron’s astonishing choke-job, he was declining then?
    And what is your evidence that Harden is the best two guard in the league? He scored 4 more ppg than Wade– and shot 9% worse from the field! Their all-around stats are roughly the same, but a crucial difference is that Wade is an elite defender and Harden is, um, learning what defense is.
    But, the key point is this: you can’t compare Harden to Wade statistically because it’s not apples-to-apples. Harden is the Rockets’ #1 and has free rein. Wade defers to LeBron James. So a comparison of Wade to Harden or any other first option is like forcing Wade to fight with one hand behind his back.
    “Wade won’t prove that he is better than Harden this year, I will pretty much guarantee you that.” This from someone who writes like a typical a freshman comp student, who has no notion that you can’t just go around making unsubstantiated statements without backing them up. So once again, you make a base assertion and then back it up with… nothing.
    Ringless wonders, who may remain so eternally, should not criticize basketball royalty. Durant better hope he never finds himself across from a healthy Wade who is leading his own team again. Or else he may find out that Wade is not only still better than Harden but also still better than him too.

  • Stego Andretti ✈

    I love this article. The Heat is a dirty team all together. Lebron is a good player .. but I don’t see how he tries to put himself into the category of best player of all time. He flopped for 2 rings. The Heat is the reason the NBA added that fine. It’s all a conspiracy..

    D.Wade used to get bailed out all the time. Just look on youtube. James Harden is way more talented. He can score from pretty much anywhere on the floor. I see a few posts saying Harden choked in the finals .. Okay you can have that. How many times did D.Wade choke during the regular season. He actually choked this past post season.

    @jeffreygebeau:disqus your a damn fool if you honestly think D.Wade is better than KD .. healthy or not. All Wade can do is those little jump shots in the paint. That’s all .. D.Wade was in charge of the Heat .. Look what happened to them. He needed Shaq & the refs to win his 1st ring. After that 1st ring .. everything went downhill. D.Wade cant even be put into the same conversation as KD.

    Oh & you can bring up the fact that KD doesn’t haven’t any rings. That’s fine! KD plays for a team that doesn’t have a huge bank account to work with & they are still 1 of the top 3 teams in the league. OKC didn’t need to stack a bunch of all stars on to a roster. Lebron couldn’t get a ring with cleveland & the refs were helping him. You really need to watch some videos about how corrupt the NBA is.

    Anyways, KD was right to say what he said. D.Wade shouldn’t be in the top 10. That list is also flawed. They put D.Wade above Kobe. They even put D.Howard above Kobe lol.