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Offseason Report Card: Jeremy Lamb

So before I grade Jeremy Lamb, let me get one thing straight: he is NOT James Harden.  There, I said it.  Too often this past year I’ve heard SuperLamb compared to The Bearded Man for one reason only: the trade two Septembers ago that brought about the end of an era.  It’s not fair to criticize Lamb based simply on the fact that we gave up the best shooting guard in the league for a rookie prospect.  Jeremy is his own player, a freakish athlete with an even more freakish wingspan.  Jeremy Lamb is not James Harden, but he has all the attributes to be on the same level.

Offensive Grade: B

The best way to describe Jeremy Lamb when it comes to his offensive prowess is simply “meh”.  While not fantastic in any certain facet, Lamb was solid in all areas.  He averaged 8.5 points per game on 43.2% shooting and 35.6% from beyond the arc, while also managing to dole out 1.5 assists per contest.  But Jeremy’s problem throughout the whole season was his ability to drop 20 and 5 in one game, then record just one turnover the next.  The consistency just wasn’t present.  However Scott Brooks does deserve some criticism for his lack of giving out consistent minutes.  I know I wasn’t the only one crying of joy when Brooks played Jeremy in Games 3 and 4 against San Antonio.


Defensive Grade: C+

On the defensive side of the ball, Jeremy Lamb has been given all the necessary tools and attributes to successfully be a top 15 defender in the NBA.  His wingspan is the size of a yacht cruising along the Mediterranean Sea, and he possesses all the natural athleticism to create havoc against his opponents.  But for Jeremy, it’s all about tapping to that athleticism and becoming a terror.  Too many times throughout the season you’d catch Lamb staring at the ball while his opponent ran around and found an easy shot.  He’s demonstrated at times that he can use his length to disrupt passing lanes, averaging 0.7 steals per game in limited time.


Intangibles: C+

Off the court, SuperLamb brings a fun, youthful vibe to the team.  As the player exchanged for James Harden, there’s a lot of pressure, but Jeremy handles it well, improving drastically in his two years as a pro and seizing his opportunities.  His attitude to not get down on himself serves the team well and improves team morale.


Keys for Improvement- Consistency, consistency, consistency.  Jeremy has the shooting ability and the knack for scoring to go out and drop 15 off the bench every night, but it all comes down to simply performing every contest.  One big game doesn’t allow him to go out there and cluelessly run around.  He has to show Scott Brooks that he’s the man of the job and go out on the court and play real ball.  For Jeremy defense all comes down to one thing: concentration.  Lamb cannot stand around and watch his opponent drive right past him.  He has to stay focused on his opponent and use his length to disrupt plays.


Overall Grade: B-



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