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Russell Westbrook Unveils Signature Frames

Yesterday, I went into the new KD7 35,000 Degrees and gave you the low down. But Kevin Durant isn’t the only one with signature apparel. As a matter of fact, when you think about fashion in terms of the Oklahoma City Thunder, one name quickly rises to the top, and that is Russell Westbrook.

Westbrook’s style is certainly his own too. Some like it. Others aren’t really digging it, but it’s what makes Westbrook who he is. He’s already collaborating with Barney’s in New York to put out a signature line of menswear.

But that’s not all. He also partnered with Selima Optique, and today he is officially announcing the launch of Westbrook Frames. I guess the best way to describe the new line of glasses is that they are “very Westbrook” in their style.

Big, chunky frames during postgame interviews are easily the norm for Westbrook these days. Plus, if you look closely, you’ll notice that his frames lack actual lenses in them. I heard his style described numerous times as “nerdy chic”, but if you asked Westbrook to describe his style, he’d just say, “It’s very me.” And what I think I like most about Westbrook and his postgame wardrobe choices, is how it inspired other NBA players to take off the suits, and start sporting gear and clothing that better reflected their personality.

Now, even though the picture makes the glasses look as though they are somehow luminescent, that’s actually just a simple lighting trick. And Selima and Westbrook worked together to make the line as unisex as possible. Westbrook himself said in an interview with Style.com:

Honestly, I can’t wait to see the first person wearing them aside from myself. [laughs] I’m hyped to hopefully start seeing pictures of people in my glasses on Instagram.”

In order to make Westbrook’s wish come true, all you need is anywhere from $95 to $145, and access to the Westbrook Frames web page. They will also be available at select Barney’s stores. But, from what it looks like on the Westbrook Frames page, they won’t become available for another 5 days and change.

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