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The NBA 2K15 Cover Could Turn Out Prophetic

The announcement of Kevin Durant as the cover athlete for NBA 2K15 wasn’t just big news for the man himself. Announcements of which athletes will be featured on the covers of the video game industry’s biggest sports titles has become pretty big news in and of itself. Granted, the obsession with having to be the first to know which athlete will be featured on a video game cover started with Electronic Arts’ popular Madden franchise, mainly because it was supposed to give fantasy football players insight as to which star player to avoid in their upcoming drafts due to the “Madden Cover Curse”.

For those who may still be unaware, (Although I seriously doubt there are many at this point.) the “Madden Cover Curse” is the prevalent belief that those featured on the cover of a Madden game will miss most of that cover’s featured year due to injury. The Madden cover for this year was between Richard Sherman and Colin Kaepernick. As a Niner fan, I can’t even begin to tell you how relieved I was to see Sherman make the cover this year. Hopefully that means my team won’t have to deal with him at all this year.

Luckily for Durant, the NBA 2K covers don’t come with that stigma. That’s why he wasn’t the only one celebrating it, as Thunder fans around the world realized they would get to point at the NBA 2K15 cover and go, “That’s my player, right there, man! That’s proof positive that he’s one of the best in the world!”

Coming off of the heels of his first regular season NBA MVP award, the 2K development team thought up the perfect theme for their 2015 cover, to be released a year prior (as they always are):

The proposed cover theme for NBA 2K15, courtesy of 2K Games.

The proposed cover theme for NBA 2K15, courtesy of 2K Games.

My readers know that if they can count on anything from me, they can always count on my honest opinion. The minute I saw the theme, I almost literally fell in love with it. I know this is a recurring theme in Durant’s mind. It’s the one question that will continue to ring in the back of his mind until he can answer it definitively,

“When is it going to be my time?”

Although with all of the recent announcements coming out of the free agency signing period, this theme may not just be relevant, it may actually be prophetic. The announcement of LeBron James’ return to the Cavs breaks up the Heat’s “Big 3″, which was honestly the largest roadblock between Durant and an NBA ring. The Spurs don’t seem to be making many moves during this period, so it seems as though the largest roadblocks in Durant’s way have now been officially removed.

With the signing of Anthony Morrow to give them a reliable wing shooter, Adams continuing to develop down low, and a pretty solid big man pick-up with the 21st pick of the draft in McGary, I’m not sure if there is a better team on paper at this point. If you ask me, the 2015 NBA Championship is officially the Thunder’s to lose, as I’m not seeing another front-runner for it at this time.

So the answer to your question, Mr. Durant, is now! The time to win an NBA Championship has never been better, as all of your previous roadblocks look to be dissolving in front of all of our eyes. The opportunity has never been better! Take advantage of it, and your question will have its definitive answer by the end of this upcoming NBA season. Fail to take advantage, and you’ll be asking yourself the exact same question this time next year. It’s all up to you and your teammates, Durant. Personally, I think you guys have everything you need to get it done. Now’s the time! Make it happen!

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