Kevin Durant's Representation Informs Nike Of UA's Offer

Yesterday afternoon, Under Armour’s offer was made known to Nike according to a tweet from ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

Kevin Durant’s representation has informed Nike that it has a $265M – $285M deal from Under Armour. Nike has the right to match.”

But, according to the same tweet, Nike has the right to match the offer. Yes, according to not only Mr. Rovell, but Justin Cuthbert of The Score as well, Jay Z’s Roc Nation Sports is playing this situation the exact same way they’d play an NBA contract situation.

The 10-year endorsement deal, however, resembles that of an NBA offer sheet; Nike will be afforded the opportunity to match the figure and keep Durant under the Nike brand, according to Rovell.”

Although, as Cuthbert later points out, Under Armour’s offer to Durant might actually be good news as far as Nike is concerned. Initial estimates of Under Armour’s offer to Durant were actually quite a bit larger:

Despite the incredulous figure, Nike may be receiving a discount on its initial estimate. Multiple reports suggested that the Under Armour deal would be worth upwards of $325 million.”

The “multiple reports” that Cuthbert cite are actually all pulled from a single article, but when said article was published by the New York Daily News’ website, I’d call it credible enough.

If I were Nike, I’d not only match the offer, I’d try to exceed it to the point where I wouldn’t expect Under Armour to fire back. Why? They just recently started a complete image overhaul of Durant to coincide with the release of his newest signature shoe. As you can tell from the links, not only has it been covered by Thunderous Intentions, it has been personally covered by yours truly from multiple angles.

It even had an excellent start with an image from a website that has since gone down. But, even though the image is a bit blurry, it’s the only known image that captured it in it’s entirety:

Images courtesy of Nike.

Images courtesy of Nike.

Besides, KD’s signature shoes are constantly flying off of shelves, as they are one of the most-bought signature brand shoe styles in the world today. I can’t see Nike simply throwing their hands in the air and giving in, as they aren’t about to give up the NBA’s most likable personality. If they end up doing so, they will go down swinging for sure.

But, as always, your two cents would be highly appreciated. Who do you think will end up winning the bidding war between Nike and Under Armour?

Who ends up with Durant in the end? Nike or Under Armour?

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