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If You Want To Be A Storm Chaser, Your Chance Is Now

Have you ever seen those acrobatic dunksters and energetic guys shooting T-shirt guns and throwing random Thunder tchotchke during the home games? These are the ones referred to as “Storm Chasers”. They’re there to keep the home crowd engaged and energized during breaks and timeouts. Plus, they do Thunder events and other local charity events as well. And it looks as though you can now get in on the action.

For more on the Storm Chaser auditions, John Leach, who is the Director of Events and Entertainment for the Thunder, elaborated a bit:

“The Storm Chasers are an important part of our fans’ game-night experience. We want to maintain a high-energy and exciting environment for fans at our home games, and the Storm Chasers make outstanding ambassadors who help provide a fun and entertaining atmosphere.”

It’s basically like the Storm Chasers are the guy version of the Thunder Girls in the fact that they provide distraction during the slow points of the game. But they also have ambassador responsibilities that go beyond simple distraction.

Much like the Thunder Girls I encountered in 2012, Storm Chasers were right out in the middle of it all too during the Thunder games. Although it got to the point where they had to stop throwing out shirts because people in the crowd started literally fighting each other for them. I remember I spilled one poor woman’s beer all over her when they threw out a shirt. While I had it caught by my index finger, the woman next to me got a much better grip on the shirt than I did. I let her have the shirt, but spilled her beer all over her as I was trying to reclaim my index finger. I obviously apologized to her, but she didn’t seem so upset when she realized that I was trying to reclaim my index finger, and she was unknowingly bending it backwards. Her exact words:

“I may be drenched in beer, but at least I’m not feeling any pain at the moment. Are you going to be okay?”

Even the Storm Chaser that witnessed it reached out to see if I was okay. I believe my response to both of them was along the lines of:

“It’s not that big of a deal, folks. I’ll live. I really do appreciate the concern though.”

I’m not going to lie. I’ve watched them and thought to myself:

“How does one get a gig that’s this awesome?”

And now the answer to that question has finally arrived. If you want to throw your hat into the audition ring like me, start here. The auditions will be held at 208 Thunder Drive in Oklahoma City starting at 6pm. The date set is Wednesday September 10th. You do not want to miss this wonderful opportunity.

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