Will Kevin Durant choose Nike or Under Armour?

It has been working its way through the grapevine and internet for a couple of weeks now, but it appears as though a decision is getting closer. Kevin Durant is the key person in a huge bidding war for the Oklahoma City Thunder stars signature. Fresh off his very first NBA Most Valuable Player award, Durant is the apple of everyone’s eye. Under Armour have used this time as an opportunity to really make a big splash in the market and secure one of the highest profile athlete’s in the world to drive their brand for the next 10 years.

While there has been plenty of speculation as to what the deal actually is worth, what it entails etc – the general consensus is that the offer is around $265 – $285 million dollars for a ten year period. That’s big bucks.

Nike won’t be just letting Durant walk though as they have been given a deadline to table and offer to the reigning MVP as well. At this stage, no-one knows what Nike are planning to do or exactly how long they have to do it – but it is coming.

The other variable in this saga, is the decision ultimately comes down to KD. While the big bucks offered from UA are enticing, Durant has formed a very good working relationship with Nike and has enjoyed the quality of their products since High School. Nike will have to table an offer that they see as fair and reasonable and even if they are short of the mark financially, Durant can still choose to rock the swoosh for the next phase of his career.

Steph Curry recently went across from Nike to UA and hasn’t had any issues with Under Armour’s kick game. That is a reassuring factor for Durant should he truly be exploring his options. The smoke and mirrors around this deal are incredible. From the “home base” being located in Maryland to tweets suggesting the deal has already been reached – this process hasn’t been as smooth as Durant’s performances on the court.

Time will tell, but let’s hope the decision is made by KD and in his best interests. Let’s also hope that the end of this saga is near and that he can get back to focusing on gearing up for the new NBA season with the Thunder.

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