OKC Thunder Game Day Preview: Time to out ‘Fox’ the Kings

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – MARCH 18: Russell Westbrook

Following another dance with the officials on Sunday the OKC Thunder are likely anxious to get back on the hardwood.

Nine games into the season the OKC Thunder are recognizing a few trends amidst the obvious hiccups. Clearly the squad is developing an allergy to Sunday games or perhaps it’s an aversion to striped shirts (#shade).  Regardless, there are definitive signs every time out the OK3 are figuring out how to best maneuver on the court as a trio.

From the start Carmelo Anthony’s offense has melded with the squad seamlessly. Paul George has been stellar defensively and shown moments on the other end. Perhaps that seems like an odd thing to say given his production mirrors what he did last season. Yet, there are still moments his tentativeness shows, particularly in clutch situations. However, this too can be viewed positively because PG isn’t trying to force anything or fall into iso ball or take over the game like he did in Indiana.

From this scribes perspective George is the key to making the OKC Thunder special. His skillset can push the Thunder over the top. At some point his tentativeness will organically click and become second nature. When that happens – watch out, because that will lead to many more instances resembling the first half against Boston.

To that end, this coming week may offer the perfect fodder for George with Sacramento, Denver, LA Clippers and Dallas on tap. Sandwiched between two probable lottery teams are two quality clubs who’ll test the Thunder’s second ranked defense.

With that let’s take a look at the first team on this week’s schedule with a few to what is  necessary to capture the victory.

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