Corey Brewer Season Review: The successful experiment

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Corey Brewer gave energy to an otherwise lackadaisical Oklahoma City outfit which marked his stint with the franchise a success.

After being acquired from the buyout market, former Los Angeles Laker Corey Brewer provided the OKC Thunder more than they could have asked for.

The OKC Thunder – Corey Brewer experiment was a success. After languishing on both ends of the floor following the injury to Andre Roberson, Brewer provided a spark Oklahoma City sorely needed. While not the most gifted NBA player by any stretch,  Brewer’s effort was undeniable.

Prior to his arrival, OKC were slow, played with little effort on both sides of the ball and inexplicably played half court basketball. Possessing one of the leagues most dynamic guards, this was blasphemous. Oklahoma City needed someone to run with Russell Westbrook.

Enter Corey Brewer:

The drunken sailor’s NBA career relies on the break which made his pairing with Russ a natural fit. Brewer provided OKC an extra dimension, an additional gateway to easy baskets when teams turned the ball over. This was critical given OKC’s frequent breakdowns in offensive sets.

The former gator also provided energy. Through periods of the season, Oklahoma City played old. With no fire and sporadic effort on defense, younger teams like the Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz punished OKC. Brewer’s energy injection to the starting line-up helped fuel Oklahoma City’s end of year surge as they were heading nowhere fast.

Lets take a look at his highlights.

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