Grading and examining every OKC Thunder player contract

Dennis Schroder and Chris Paul, OKC Thunder (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)
Dennis Schroder and Chris Paul, OKC Thunder (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images) /
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OKC Thunder, Danilo Gallinari
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Danilo Gallinari:

One-year, $22 million dollars

At the young age of 30 last season, Danilo Gallinari put together the best season of his career. Gallo averaged 19.8 points per game last season on a ridiculous 63.3 percent true shooting, which ranked 4th in the NBA among all non-centers per Basketball Reference.

If Gallinari stays healthy (which he has trouble doing) he should be viewed around the league as a player you would have to give up value for, as not only is he an elite offensive player, but his contract is also expiring.

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The Tobias Harris trade was a massive success for the Los Angeles Clippers. It’s arguable that Danilo Gallinari is just as good of a player if not better than Tobias Harris in a vacuum, but given the fact that Gallinari is older and costs about $13 million more this season, he won’t get as much in a trade. But I can see a trade similar to that one where the Thunder, in this case, would make a deal headlined around a good young player like the Clippers did with Landry Shamet.

Overall, Gallinari is on a good deal (if he stays healthy) and should be a positive value on the trade market this upcoming season.

Grade: B+