Who should the OKC Thunder target in the Southeast Division?

Aaron Gordon #00 of the Orlando Magic (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images)
Aaron Gordon #00 of the Orlando Magic (Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) /
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Aaron Gordon #00 of the Orlando Magic (Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images) /

Aaron Gordon and the interesting Orlando Magic.

The Orlando Magic are an interesting team heading into Thursday’s NBA Trade Deadline. They are an under .500 NBA Playoff team, at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, and on a fast track to getting swept in the first round by the Bucks.

So what do they do at the deadline? Do they try and make slight improvements? Do they start selling pieces to go into a rebuild? Do they just stay where they are and hope for the best?

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For the 22-28 squad in the sunshine state, would they be willing to part with Aaron Gordon? Well, the team appears to be discussing deals ahead of the NBA Trade Deadline. Could the OKC Thunder swoop in?

While Woj did say the Orlando Magic are listening to offers, and Matt Moore confirmed he has also heard Aaron Gordon’s name come up in talks, it does seem as though logistically this would need to take place in the offseason.

It is clear Orlando’s asking price for their high flying youngin’ is probably even higher than his leaping ability.

If Sam Presti truly wanted the 24-year-old, there might be a way to get it done. Considering the team has about 15,000 first-round picks on deck, and a disposable Terrance Ferguson, along with a sharpshooting wing that fits everyone’s needs it might not be that hard.

The trade:

Would a 21-year-old shooting guard with still a ton of room to grow as well as being a nice fit next to Markelle Fultz, and the expiring contract of Gallo be enough player compensation for the Magic? Well throw in the Thunder’s 2020 pick and you might have a deal. Is the deal worth taking for either side? That is a story for another day, but in this division, the best possible trade for the Thunder of those somewhat available would be Aaron Gordon.

I like his (by no means perfect) fit with this team better than what the Heat would offer for Gallo in Justice Winslow, and there are no real rumors linking the Heat to making Winslow available.

Given the hurdles, and the imperfect roster fit, along with teams already shutting guys off the market (such as Bertans with the Wizards) I do not see a trade working out between the OKC Thunder and the Southeast division.

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How would you feel about a potential Aaron Gordon trade? Do you like Gordon’s fit in OKC? Would you rather just keep Gallo and let this season play out?