3 best Wing prospects for the OKC Thunder: Can they get a difference maker?

Jarace Walker #25 of the Houston Cougars (Photo by Alex Slitz/Getty Images)
Jarace Walker #25 of the Houston Cougars (Photo by Alex Slitz/Getty Images) /
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Gradey Dick #4 of the Kansas Jayhawks (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images) /

Gradey Dick represents far more than just a shooter, and the OKC Thunder could use his all-around game. 

Perhaps the most likely of the three to fall to pick 12, Gradey Dick, offers the most important missing piece to the current Thunder squad. The Kansas product represents the best shooter in the draft class, shooting the trey ball at a 40 percent clip. The All-Big 12 forward posted 14 points, five rebounds, and an assist per game while turning in shooting splits of 44/40/85.

Grady Dick ranked in the 91st percentile in overall offense, 86th percentile as a transition weapon and 81st percentile in the half-court. The Jayhawk forward ranked in the 74th percentile as a spot-up scorer, 96th percentile as a pick-and-roll ball handler, and 53rd percentile peeling off handoffs. Dick also produced 1.13 points per possession as a cutter.

The 6’7 forward never stops moving. Relocating around the perimeter and finding the soft spot in the defense is his calling card on the offensive end to accompany his connective playmaking.

Many worry about Gradey Dick’s ability defensively, though Synergy grades him in the 65th percentile of overall defense, 66th percentile in the half-court, and 73rd percentile in isolation defense.

While Dick will never be a great point-of-attack defender, his sheer motor and awareness will allow him to be a good defender within a team’s identity. Gradey Dick even fits in with the team off-the-floor.

It is likely that Oklahoma City Thunder will need to move up some spots in the NBA Draft to nab any of these forwards, but all three could really make an impact on the future of the organization.

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