Charlotte Bobcats Draft Review

Michael Jordan get’s a bad rap for what some may call shoddy G.M. work in the past. He get’s a pass from yours truly, not only because he’s one of the coolest guy’s on the planet, but because realistically, they were not all bad moves or his fault. Kwame Brown absolutely killed it in his workouts, which included treating Tyson Chandler like a school girl. What was the other obvious choice? Eddy Curry? To my dismay Curry never became the star I know he had the ability to be. It keeps me up nights. O.K. so maybe Pau Gasol would have been the best choice, but if you give me the choice between some athletically monstrous 6-11 black guy with all the potential in the world or some white Euro what would YOU DO? Brown’s career failure is all on him as he had all the tools to make it. Hey, maybe he’s on the verge of superstardom still. They say he had a decent year last season………..

All right, I’ll give you the Adam Morrison selection. That one selection crippled the Bobcats entire organization. I’m thinking Rudy Gay would have been the better choice. Never trust white American born players. That’s a strict code that I live by, and it hardly ever fails. Look out Jimmer.

The 2005 draft was another he bungled, when taking Raymond Felton and Sean May. Instead of packaging both of these selections to move up in the draft to take Chris Paul or Deron Williams, his airness decided it was better to reach on Felton at 5 and take the cupcake eating, injury prone, undersized power forward in May at 13. Do you think Charlotte would have a different looking team if they had Rudy Gay and Chris Paul or Deron Williams? Did I say in the opening paragraph that I give Jordan a pass for his past decisions and that they were not all his fault? Yea, I was wrong. The “Space Jam” star has come up limper then Bob Dole when it comes to drafting and it’s about time he turned it around considering he has traded off just about every valuable asset they own to gain some more draft picks. Let’s see who they drafted shall we.

Round 1: Bismack Biyombo (pick 7, obtained from Sacramento Queens)

OK, anytime you can obtain a guy who was compared favorably with the Miami Heat’s own Joel Anthony, you freaking do it!! No, but seriously some cluck for ESPN really wrote a whole article about how at worst, B-smack will be no worse then Anthony. Ummm yea, that’s what I want out of my lottery pick, and no I’m not linking the article because I’m to lazy to look it up. It’s a waste of time anyway.

Smack has the ability to be a big time shot blocker in this league and all he really needs to be able to do in the short term offensively is catch and dunk, or get put-backs. Let’s hope he doesn’t compare with Anthony in terms of receiving passes, because Anthony has the most terrible stone hands I’ve ever witnessed.

I hated this pick immediately, but when looking back, it was the only move to make. What, did you want Jordan to pick another white college scoring leader in “the Jimmer??” I think not. In a horrible draft take the guy with the most upside, and that’s exactly what he did.

By the way this pick was obtained by trading away Steven Jackson and excepting Corey Maggette, a trade I would make in a heartbeat. Nice work. Peep the highlight video with a song from the King of the Lou! Nelly Nell

Kemba Walker(Pick 9)

Another very interesting pick by the GOD. I have no real problem with it other then the fact they just drafted their current starting point guard, D.J. Augustine, a few years ago in the lottery, and he has finally started to show promise. Oh well, they did the same thing with Felton. A shooting guard such as Klay Thompson could have been a good look here, but hey, I’m not here to judge. Wait, yes I am. I would have drafted Thompson, but Kemba might be a good one, either starting or coming off the bench in a sort of Jason Terry role. I doubt he will ever be as good a shooter as J.T. but he is a better creator.

Charlotte had a solid draft, and has completely remade their roster after getting rid of Steven Jackson, who was the last man standing if you will. The only downside of this draft is that the 2 players selected play the same positions as the Bobcats arguably 2 most talented players in the aforementioned Augustine, and my boy Tyrus Thomas. I’m not sure why I’m still hyping Thomas considering he seems to alway’s be injured, but he has talent, and you do know that!

Oh you gotta see this highlight tape. Kemba you be killin em, you be killin em! Niiiiiiiiiice

So what’s the conclusion here? Being that it was a historically weak draft, I think Jordan made some decent decisions that night, so he get’s a decent grade.


Soon these draftees will be having chicks as hot as this, begging to be one nighted. Niiiiiice

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