NBA 2K13: Predicting signature skills for every OKC Thunder player

At midnight tonight, we will be exactly one week away from the highly anticipated release of NBA 2K13. We’ve heard a lot about the game and there will still be more player ratings and info revealed in the coming week before the game comes out.

One of the biggest new features in the game is the addition of signature skills. Signature skills are a way for certain players to stand out beyond just their ratings in a way that makes them unique and more authentic to their real-life counterparts.

There are 31 signature skills in the game, all of which are detailed here. Any player can have as many as five signature skills and a lot of players won’t have any.

Here is a look at each Thunder player and a prediction for which signature skills they might have.

Kevin Durant – Shot Creator, Microwave, Deadeye, Closer, Finisher

These signature skills have been confirmed for Durant already. Shot creator means he will be more effective shooting when he works with the ball to get open for a shot. Microwave means he heats up quickly. Deadeye means defenders have little impact on his shot. Closer means he gets a ratings boost in close games in the fourth quarter. Finisher means he is good at finishing shots at the rim despite contact. They are pretty accurate but you could make the case that Durant deserves more than just five signature skills. Spot-up shooter and hustle points are two of the skills you could argue for Durant as well.

Russell Westbrook – Posterizer, Finisher, Acrobat, Shot Creator, Interceptor

The only one we know for sure of with Westbrook is finisher. I predict posterizer for sure as Westbrook is always dunking on people or at least trying to. Acrobat is also one he should get for his ability to finish shots around the rim acrobatically. I think he will get shot creator too because he does a lot of isolations coring although this one I am not totally confident he will get. Interceptor is the other one he should get because most of his steals come from playing the passing lanes. You could also make the case for him to get hustle points because he is one of the best offensive rebounding guards in the league and scores a lot that way too but it is pretty unlikely. He may even get lockdown defender because he has shown the potential to be that but really doesn’t deserve it at this point in his career yet.

James Harden – Finisher, Shot Creator, Microwave

Harden is a very all-around player so there are a lot of signature skills he is close to qualifying for. You have to think 2K won’t be giving these out too easily though. He should get finisher because he posted one of the best field goal percentages at the rim last season. Shot creator suits him well too because he also is great at scoring in isolation situations. I think he will get microwave mostly because he comes off the bench. You could also make the case that he deserves pick pocket or active hands but I doubt 2K gives him any defensive skills. He could maybe get spot-up shooter too.

Serge Ibaka – Eraser, Chase Down Artist, Defensive Anchor

We know Ibaka is getting eraser and he definitely deserves it blocking more shots per game than anyone in almost a decade. I think he deserves chase down artist too because he gets a lot of blocks from behind as well, on the break sometimes even. He hasn’t reached his full potential on defense yet and has a lot of work to do but he may get defensive anchor as well. We know Dwight Howard, Tyson Chandler and Kevin Garnett will have this. It depends on how lenient 2K is to give out these signature skills but Ibaka is in the tier right behind these guys in terms of defensive anchor. It will be lame if 2K gives him posterizer but I could see them somehow doing that.

Kendrick Perkins – Brick Wall, Bruiser

Perkins is definitely getting brick wall which is for setting hard screens. This is one of Perkins’ greatest strengths and may be a pretty useful thing in 2K13. He should also definitely get bruiser which is reserved for players who are very strong and can move other players around more easily. He definitely fits that mold.

Nick Collison – Charge Card, Scrapper

I can’t imagine Collison won’t have charge card, which is for players who are known for taking charges. Collison could get scrapper as well which is for players who basically are known for hustling and dive for loose balls a lot.

Thabo Sefolosha – Lockdown Defender

It has been confirmed that Sefolosha will get the lockdown defender skill. He has been one of the best perimeter defenders in the league for awhile. It will be interesting to see how valuable this skill is and if he will be able to really shut down guys like Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade. He shot a career-high in 3-point percentage last season so maybe 2K gives him spot-up shooter or corner specialist even though he doesn’t deserve either. He could get active hands, pick pocket or interceptor as well.

Daequan Cook – Corner Specialist

Cook had a down year last season in terms of 3-point shooting percentage but I think 2K still gives him the corner specialist since a lot of his threes are taken there. He could get spot-up shooter instead or also but that’s about it for him.

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