NBA 2K13 Preview

It’s finally here. At midnight tonight, NBA 2K13 will be available to the general public. Here at Thunderous Intentions we have helped you get ready for the game by taking a look at player ratings and some of the new features that will be in the game.

Now it’s time for the official preview, the last post leading up to the game’s release. Here we will outline all of the new features in the game and everything to look for when you finally get your hands on NBA 2K13.

Producer: Jay-Z

You will immediately notice on the cover of NBA 2K13 that Jay-Z came on to produce the game. This was a great move by 2K to try and improve their game in some areas from the soundtrack to the menu layouts. Jay-Z also helped improve the pregame entrance videos and routines for the game and you can also see him sitting courtside at Brooklyn Nets games. It is a big addition for 2K but not the biggest for the gamer. The subtle improvements and attention to detail should really help improve the game some though.

1992 Dream Team (and other classic teams)

One of the biggest announcements for NBA 2K13 was that it would be featuring the 1992 Dream Team along with the 2012 Olympic Team. At first, the Dream Team was going to be without Scottie Pippen but Pippen has since agreed to come on the game. The Dream Team is complete and ready to compete with the 2012 Olympic Team. The slick trailer of the two teams taking on each other can be seen here. All of the classic teams from last year will be on the game again this year. NBA 2K13 has also added the 2001 76ers that feature Allen Iverson from his MVP season. However, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving and Chris Webber will not be in the game. You will be able to play online with classic teams as well.

New controls

The controls have gotten a little makeover for 2K13 as well. The dribbling isomotion engine is now gone and replaced by the right stick. There will be some who will miss the old controls and can go back to them if they want to in the game. Overall, control has gotten much easier for 2K13. It’s not just the dribbling either. The hop step layups, spin layups and eurostep moves are now easier than ever to pull off. This will result in less skilled gamers able to compete with the more advanced online but overall giving the user more control is never a bad thing.

My Career and My Team

The most popular game mode in 2K the past few years has been My Player which has now been renamed My Career. For the first time in 2K, you are able to be drafted No. 1 overall as a rookie if you really impress in the Rookie Showcase. The focus was on the off-court things as well for example you can now request a sitdown with your GM. The things you say in press conferences can now impact the way announcers talk about you during the game. There are more endorsements now too including Nike. My Team is a lot like Madden Ultimate Team. You collect cards of players to add to your team. You play games online or offline to gain points to help build your team. They made it so it is really hard to get all of the best players on your team so there will be a large variety of different teams by others online.

Association mode

There will be a new interface for Association mode which is nice since the past interfaces always seemed to be lacking some. All Star Weekend is the biggest new addition as it has been totally revamped. There will be a dunk contest that plays like guitar hero as well as all of the other All Star Weekend festivities. The overall CPU logic has been improved all around as well as the new CBA rules being implemented.


NBA 2K13 promises to be one of the best basketball games ever made. It has dominated the industry so much that NBA Live 13 was cancelled yet again. There is no competition for this game because it is so well done. The 2K team didn’t overhaul anything so there’s nothing to be scared of that could ruin the game. It has simply been improved in a ton of areas. What else can we ask for?

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