Mouhamed Where Art Thou? Part 3


Yes! It’s finally here. Part 3 of my breakdown of the 2000 and 2006 drafts were we dig deeper into the mystery that is, which year has the worst draft class. We have covered the top 10 selections over the last 2 posts and will continue with picks 11-15. The emotional distress you probably went through waiting for this post is probably comparable to awaiting the STD results from your swab test at the local Urgent Care after you made a horrible decision sometime in the prior week. Trust me I’ve been pretty anxious myself. Microwave some popcorn with extra butter, heat up some hot chocolate, and go to a nice quiet place to maximize your enjoyment out of this post. You don’t find this kind of insight on many other sports websites. Lets get to it shall we.

Pick #11 2000
Boston Celtics, Jerome Moiso– The fabulous Frenchmen! Coming out of UCLA this guy looked like the real deal. Considering he barely played 5 seasons in the league, he wasn’t. His career averages of 2.9 in points and rebounds show how miraculous career was. Hmmm, those are American born white guy numbers. Does this mean my theory is reversed in Europe? Are black European born players the equivalent to American born big white guys? More on this in the future…You can see he has some major athleticism in this video of him catching an alley oop playing with Ricky Rubio in Europe. Its the top play so you can skip through the first 4. BUST!

Pick #11 2006
Orlando Magic, J.J. Reddick– What do you know? Another player drafted too high out of Duke University. I believe Jalen Rose called him an uncle tom. After Redick battled it out with fellow American white player, Adam Morrison, for college player of they year most felt Morrison would be the better pro. They were wrong. Though Redick is nowhere a near a star player and maybe even not close to being a starting player, he is a valuable shooter off of the bench. He is averaging double digits for the first time in his career this season and I wouldn’t bet on him getting much better then he is right now. Can’t call him a bust, but my thoughts are that you want a starter when you draft someone in the lottery. He is not that, but about what I expected him to be. See these videos on what to not do on defense. not a bust.

Pick #12 2000
Dallas Mavericks(traded to Wizards), Etan Thomas– I just checked and yep, this guy is still somehow in the league. He falls in the group of players I loved in college but just never looked right in the NBA. He never has averaged double figures in a single season but has been known as a rugged defender and solid rebounder. He played the last couple season for the Thunder so I guess he is relevant. Not much else to say about this guy. He’s pretty boring. Not a bust……not really…….but not good

Pick #12 2006
New Orleans, Hilton Armstrong– Yes!! Another complete scrub who probably won’t make in the league much longer. Another example of overvaluing size. Wait, this guy is black? Those are American white big men numbers that he has. A career 3.1 scorer? What would Jalen Rose think of this guy? Make sure you check the video of Manu “the bald eagle” Ginobli banging in Armstrong’s grill below. BUST!!

Pick #13 2000
Orlando(traded to Dallas), Courtney Alexander– I always wondered what happened to this guy. I liked him coming out of college, where he led the nation in scoring at Fresno State. He was traded 2/3 of the way through his rookie season to Washington where he averaged 17 points a game and made the all-rookie second team. He had a decent couple years following the nice rookie season and then, just like that, was out of the league. He kind of reminded me of Kendall Gill. This guy’s face should be on a milk carton. If anyone has any information on his whereabouts please inform me immediately. Maybe he struggled with the fact that he had a girl’s name. Hate to call him a bust because the guy was a good offensive player, but where is he? BUST.

Pick #13 2006
Philadelphia(traded to Bulls), Thabo Sefolosha– Here we go! Your Oklahoma City Thunder’s favorite son! He was overhyped coming out of europe as most are but has had a solid career averaging only 5 and 1/2 points but carving himself a niche as a defensive player. He starts for the Thunder who are one of the best teams in the NBA so that has to mean something. It’s true the only reason he still starts is because OKC would rather have Harden with the second unit because he is the superior scorer but still. Decent player. Not a bust….

Pick #14 2000
Detroit, Mateen Cleaves-My god, what a horrendous couple of drafts. It always huuuurts when a team drafts a legend from their home state and they bust. Cleaves, a legend out of Michigan State was another huge dud from this draft. He somehow managed to play parts of 6 NBA seasons but was horrible. He was way to slow, and had no shot. Not a good combination for an NBA point guard. This video of him throwing a dime to Gerald Wallace is a must see though. BUST!

Pick #14 2006
Utah, Ronnie Brewer-Whoa, whoa, whoa! A guy who average double figures multiple times? Shocking! Brewer had a couple of nice years in Utah but was then traded for no apparent reason, got hurt, then signed with the Bulls this last off season. The Bulls are arguably the best team in basketball this season and he is averaging about 6 points a game. Considering Keith Bogans is starting over him, I’m guessing he hasn’t fit in as well as they were hoping. This team is a shooting guard away from being a powerhouse and I thought he would be a good fit. I guess not. As you can see in the video below he can still bang with the best of them. Make sure your volume is up as the commentary is priceless! I really hope you guys are watching these video’s that I spent countless hours finding. Solid NBA player. Not a bust at all.

Pick #15 2000
Milwaukee(traded to Houston). Jason Collier– Houston made this pick hoping for the next Hakeem Olajuwon. Instead they got an American born, white, big-man. How do you think that turned out? I had to look this guy up as Jason Collier sounds like more of black name then a white name. He has a white man’s game though for sure. He played in parts of 5 NBA seasons and averaged 5.6 points a game. When you go big, don’t go white…….or black european. Watch Stevie Franchise give him a facial in this video. Most white big men are busts. Collier is not the exception to the rule. BUST!

Pick #15 2006
New Orleans, Cedric Simmons-Yikes! New Orleans bricked on not 1 but 2 big men in this draft, and neither of them were white! Simmons was even worse then Armstrong as he left college to early and couldn’t adapt to the NBA game. Judging him from his highlights, the guy seemed to have the body and athleticism to play in the league but only managed to play parts of 3 seasons. He is still now only 25 years old so maybe he gets back in one day. This draft killed the Hornets. He was terrible, however, he did put his genatalia in the face of this unlucky stiff in the video below. Major bust.

There you have it folks. This just keeps getting more fun doesn’t it? How did all these bums get drafted? They should do a “where are they now” special on half of these guys. Look forward to players 16-20 in a post later this week on the next Thunder off day, and go get checked for STD’s.