Thunder silence haters with road win in probable playoff preview


It’s time to get live! It’s time to represent! Oklahoma City, what time is it? All you “Sunset Park” fans know what I’m talking about. Ever since the Nuggets beat the Lakers 2 days ago I’ve read countless articles on how the Nuggs should be the favorites in their likely first round playoff matchup with the Thunder. Some even saying the Nuggets have a good chance of stealing the 4th seed since they had 2 more match ups(including this one) with OKC and have been on fire. Ummmmmmm, thats not gonna happen.I know, I know, just yesterday I wrote a blog about how well the Nuggets match up with the Thunder but I did not predict them overtaking them in the standings or “winning” the playoff series. The Thunder now have a 4 game lead with only 5 games left. That’s why I hate articles like those. Like, don’t they see that the Thunder just had the best month in franchise history(Yes, that includes the time they were in seattle). I guess these “professional” writers didn’t catch that. Oh well, not everyone can be as genius as me.

Basketball is a game of runs, and I’m not referring to the runs you get after eating a 20 piece wing meal at Hooters. This game was no different. The Thunder dominated the 1st quarter 27-16 then were outscored in the 2nd by 31-21 as the Nuggs pulled within 1. A close 3rd and beginning of 4th quarters made it seem like it was gonna come down to the wire but OKC went up by 13 with about 5 minutes left and held on from there. Talk about runs.

The NBA’s leading scorer, Kevin Durant led the artists formerly know as the Sonics, with 32 points and 9 boards. He even threw in 1 assist! When the jumper is on like it was tonight he is impossible to stop. Russell Westbrook had a horrible game as he was called for a bunch of offensive fouls, playing out of control at times. Eric Maynor, devastated by VCU’s lost to Butler in the final four, picked up the slack with what was probably the best game I’ve ever seen him play, scoring 10 points and dishing out 3 assists. Ibaka, Harden, and even Perk were the other instrumental pieces in getting the win, as they provided the toughness needed to deal with the thuggish Nuggets.

On a side note, did anyone know that Thunder forward Nick Collison, is making 13 million dollars this season?! I would be more then happy to clear that in a lifetime and this scrub, the definition of the American born white big man I always talk about, is pulling in this kind of cash? Wow! He is a team leader and gives them some solid minutes but 13 milly??? Making more then anyone on the team this year? Who put together that contract. My god. Please watch the following video for endless laughs.

This was a painful game to watch as I had the Nuggets official announcers making me want to put my TV on mute. They cry at every foul called on the Nuggets and it was excruciatingly obvious that they don’t do their homework on other teams around the league including the Thunder. Russell Westbrook was repeatedly bashed, and although he had a bad game, it was like they thought he was a horrible player on the regular or something. Did they remember he was an all-star and one of the most explosive players in the NBA? These guys are ridiculous. I suppose I should look up their names instead of referring to them as “they” or “these guys” but I’m not gonna dignify them with making the effort to do so. One of them said Ibaka had no offensive game right before he drained a 20 footer. How can you work in any capacity with the NBA and not know about almost every player in the league? I do and I’m just a fan. OK, maybe I’m an obsessed fan but still, these guys suck.

During a break from the action there was a past interview done asking Nugget, Al Harrington, who he would like to portray him in a movie. Of course he chose Samuel L. Jackson, the guy who is 50 years his senior. Is this guy for real? I can’t totally blame him for wanting Master Windu to play him in a movie. The guy is pretty cool. Harrington was eating a McDonald’s “quarter pounder,” and I wanted to tell him that in Paris, they call that a “Royale with cheese.”

Perkins and Nene of Denver almost got into a fight in the 2nd quarter. Now that’s a fight I want to see. Nene is Brazilian and probably quicker. Personally, I bet he would dump on Perk. I can totally see how opposing players would hate Perkins with a passion and I do bash him a lot on this website but I think he might be growing on me. Durant and the Italian dreamboat, Danilo Gallinari also got into late in the game, both receiving technical fouls.

This series could get uglier then a priest with a room full of alter boys and I for one can’t wait to be there every step of the way. That’s enough for tonight. I’m gonna go get a Royale with cheese.