Thunder overcome 30 from cuuuuuzins but don’t gain ground…REDRAFT TIME


As I expected the Houston Rockets gave the Mavericks all they could handle. Unfortunately for me and OK City nation Dallas won in overtime.There is still hope for the Lakers to falter so stay on your knees praying for the next 48 hours people.

The ghosts of the Sonics did their part in staying in contention for a higher seed by defeating the Kings 120-112. Durant and Westbrook pulled their usual domination act and Dr. Nasty aka chocolate thunder aka Serge Ibaka chipped in with 14 points, 8 boards, and a beastly 6 blocks. He will be an all-star in 2 years. You heard it here first kids.

Speaking of beastly DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Queens is an absolute monster, who when motivated plays good defense and is an extremely skilled passer. Since I don’t feel like doing a longer recap of the game I’m gonna do you one better. 2010 redraft. I know you’ve been wondering what your fave writer would think of next. Well here it is. We will just do the top 10 today to keep you intrigued. That’s how I keep em coming back for more baby. Let’s get into it shall we.

Withe the 1st selection the Wizards select John Wall
No. 1 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: John Wall

John “balls to the” Wall has been everything the Wizards expected when taking him 1st overall so no complaints here. It seems to be a guarantee that he becomes a top 5 point guard in the next 2 seasons. He is lightening quick and when his jumper improves a bit, which I know it will, he will be hard to stop. I like the Wizards core with Wall, fellow rookie Jordan Crawford, Andray Blatche, and JaVelle McGee, and hope they stay together along with next seasons lottery pick. It could get real ugly in the W over the next couple years. Yes, thats a good thing.

With the 2nd selection the 76ers select DeMarcus Cousins
No. 2 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: Evan Turner

This one hurts for Philly, home of big Willie. The Fresh Prince that is. Evan Turner had been removed from the rotation until recently since Lou Williams was injured. He seemed like a good fit at the 2-guard spot as a very good overall player. He has struggled since summer league and just seems lost.

On the other hand if they picked Cuz Cuz, they would be a much more dangerous team then they already are. They had a nice season, playing excellent basketball since an awful start. They have great talent with Jrue Holiday, Andre “holla at your guala” Iguodala, Thaddeus Young, Marreese Speights, the aforementioned Williams, and Elton Brand. I feel like Brand goes home every night and listens to one of my old favorite Stone Temple Pilots songs, “Creep.” Sing it Elton! ” I’m haaaaaaaalf the man I used to beeeeeeeee.” My god he gets paid though. Cousins would absolutely kill it in the East and make this team a possible contender in the next few years. He is that good. Great offensive player. Yes, I said “Great.” He could end up being the best player from this draft but their are concerns about his attitude and possibly his weight moving forward. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt, and think he will mature into a very good player. Too bad for Philly. Speaking of Philly or things related to Philly, never get a cheesesteak from Jersey Mike’s. I got food poisoning from that garbage. I guess they were started in Jersey but whatever. Disgusting.

WIth the 3rd selection the New Jersey Nets select Derrick Favors
No. 3 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: Derrick Favors

Now, the only reason I am leaving him here is because they were able to use him in a package to trade for Deron “the black swede” Williams, one of the best 5 point guards in the NBA. I don’t quite get the trade because now they have no first round draft picks or anyone else to trade, and who would want to play for the Nets? I suppose when you have a chance to get a superstar you do it and the Nyets needed to make a splash.

Back to Favors. He has underwhelmed all season, just like he did in his one season at Georgia Tech. I thought he was supposed to be extremely explosive but he looked like a cupcake even in the rookie-sophmore challenge, where everyone and their Mom dunks all over the place. This guy was shooting 10 foot jumpers. He seems to lack passion. Or balls. Or both. Greg Monroe looks like a much better player but Favors still might have more upside. Favors gets to keep this spot only because they were able to use him to get Williams whereas I don’t think they could have for Monroe. As of now, I’m not a fan.

With the 4th selection the Minnesota Timberwolves select Greg Monroe
No. 4 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: Wesley Johnson

Now the She-Wolves finally would have a legit center. I’m sure the fans all love Darko to death but Monroe would be a major upgrade. He is very skilled with his back to the basket, is an above average passer, and has a nice jumper. He in unselfish and would fit in perfectly on the front line next to Michael Beasley and Kevin Love. Maybe then Rubio would finally come over even though they picked another point guard right after him in Johhny Flynn. Unfortunately for them the 3rd point guard they drafted was Ty Lawson, and they traded him on draft day. Yea the same Ty Lawson who just dropped 10 straight 3s on them the other day. Whoops. They passed on Cousins as well making it even worse skipping talent for a need at shooting guard with Wesley “Snipes” Johnson. I like Johnson more then most and think he will be a good player but passing on Cousins or Monroe is gonna be costly unless Dwight Howard chooses to take his talents to Minnesota after next season. Wouldn’t that be cool if a star player wanted to go to a place like that? Another blunder by Minnesota. Shocking….

With the 5th pick in the draft the Sacramento Kings select Ed Davis
No. 5 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: DeMarcus Cousins

My most difficult decision yet. I have taken all the good big guys off of the board. No, I didn’t forget Cole Aldrich. The Queens were lucky to get Cousins here as I have worshipped him like a God for much of this post. Unfortunately for them in this draft, he is gone. Good thing its fictional. Ed Davis was thought of as a possible number 1 overall pick before his sophomore year at North Carolina but got hurt and his stock dropped a bit. It’s looking like he is going to be a good player in the league. I’m not sure how good, because honestly I’ve only seen the Raptors play like once in my life, but I’ve been following him and he seems like the real deal. I like the backcourt now with Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton so I will pass on Wesley Johnson here. They have Dalembert at center so sticking “Easy” Ed Davis into the starting power forward spot works for me.

With the 6th pick in the draft the Golden State Warriors select Landry Fields
No. 6 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: Ekpe Udoh

I know this is a bit shocking as Fields wasn’t taken until the second round and he plays shooting guard, where the Warriors already have Monta Ellis. I was going to go with Gordon Hayward but they have enough soft defensive players on their team. Fields would give them the toughness they need and could either start at small forward or come of the bench. They took Udoh, who is an athletic big man, and a good shot blocker. He is not a true center but fits their style I suppose. The Warriors recently inexplicably traded two similar players in Anthony Randolph and Brandon Wright. Granted Udoh is a little tougher then those guys he lacks the upside they possess and taking him at the 6 spot was just a reach. They could have taken Monroe. The Warriors continue to unearth gems in the D-league but somehow keep making mistakes in the draft. I wouldn’t call Udoh a huge mistake, but he simply lacks the upside worthy of this selection. How many ways can I say the same thing. Sorry.

With the 7th selection in the draft the Detroit Pistons select Evan Turner
No. 7 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: Greg Monroe

With Monroe gone in the redraft the Pistons are forced to take the most talented player available and in my mind that is still Turner. I read something on ESPN not to long ago about how Paul George, who ended up going to Indiana is going to be a better player but I’m not buying it. I believe Turner will turn it around and become at worst a solid NBA 2 guard with all-star upside. Then the Pistons could finally get rid of Rip Hamilton and let go of the old Championship team. What’s with still wearing the face mask Rip? I don’t get it. Detroit couldn’t be happier with Monroe but Turner would be a nice consolation prize.

With the 8th pick in the draft the Los Angeles Clippers select Gordon Hayward
No. 8 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: Al-Farouq Aminu
I didn’t understand the Aminu pick for the clipp joint. He is not a good enough shooter to play small forward and they drafted the Don, Blake Griffin the year before to be the power forward of the future. Why take a player who reminds me of Luc Richard Mbah A Moute, a hard working player who the Bucks got a few years back in the second round. He could end up a good player but it’s not a good fit in my not very humble opinion.

Hayward on the other hand would be perfect for this team. He could slide into the starting small forward spot next year at the latest, and provide three point shooting, deft passing, and provide excellent basketball IQ. I know, I know. I constantly put down American born white players but you forget he is not really a big man, so this doesn’t necessarily mean it goes against everything I stand for. Plug him in at the 3 with with Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Eric Gordon, and Eric Bledsoe and you immediately have one my three favorite teams to watch. I should really be a GM. Sorry Al-Farouq.

With the 9nth pick in the draft the Utah Jazz select Eric Bledsoe
No. 9 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: Gordon Hayward

WIth Hayward, the Vanilla sensation gone, the Jazz are forced to pick a black guy for once. Do they do this because they racially stereotype and think young black males won’t want to live in Utah? I don’t thin any young people with money in general would want to live in Utah. With Deron Williams gone, Bledsoe could step in and run the point. If you have read any of my previous posts you would know what I think of Bledsoe’s manly physique. The guy is a freak and is a talented scorer with floor vision. Best player available at this point. The Thunder drafted him this year but traded the pick for a future first rounder. Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

With the 10th pick in the draft the Indian Pacers select Wesley Johnson
No. 10 pick in actual 2010 NBA draft: Paul George

Whoops. I almost forgot about this guy. If you watched the rookie-sophomore challenge you would have seen that this guy can shoot it from deep and possesses explosive abilities in going to the basket. However, this hasn’t completely translated to the real games yet. The Pacers are very happy with Paul George and would probably take him over agin, even if Johnson was there, but this is my draft and I make smarter picks. They both have nice upside but I think Johnson is smoother and has a better 3 point stroke.

There you have. My top 10 in the 2010 redraft. Riveting stuff, I know. I have a flight tomorrow so I will most likely get right back to this on the plane. If your lucky I might even get in the next 5 picks from the draft comparisons I have been doing. Is this a total waste of time? Tune in tomorrow for more generally awesome stuff.