Westbrook hoists 30 shots, costs Thunder sweep


When you have the 2 time defending scoring champion who is stroking it from 3 you might want to get him the rock in crunch time. Russell Westbrook is obviously a scoring point guard in this league but for him to take almost twice as many shots as Kevin Durant is disturbing. Tonight he showed why many have suggested he should be moved over to the shooting guard spot as he displayed tunnel vision, continuously not passing to wide open shooters and taking increasingly difficult shots as the game went on.

I understand that Westbrook wants to make the spectacular play that puts them over the top and that his confidence is through the roof but Durant is their go to player and the best scorer in the NBA. I’m not quite sure what got into him tonight and I’m sure some of his teammates and coaches are questioning how they allowed this to go on. Westbrook went 0-7 from 3 point land including pulling up for the potential game tying shot with 7 seconds left. He threw up an air ball of course with a wide open James Harden who was left waiting for a pass that never came for what seemed like the 10th time. Harden was visually upset numerous times when Westbrook did not find him and only got 5 shots in 31 minutes. His job is to score points and that is impossible to do when you can’t get your hands on the ball.

I just read the recap of the game on ESPN and am stunned they didn’t mention how many horrendous shots Westbrook took. The article mentioned that nobody stepped up to help out the 2 Thunder superstars. Yea that’s kind of hard to do when your point guard, the guy who is supposed to get the ball to everyone else in scoring position, takes 30 shots. Durant ended up going 5/6 from 3 point land and doesn’t get a play ran for him either of the last 3 possessions? I love watching and appreciate what Westbrook is able to do for this team but they have other weapons and he needs to know when to calm down the shooting.

None of his teammates or coaches made any mention of Westbrook’s performance tonight and that’s the right move. He’s a young guy who got a little carried away in some big moments. I have seen him hit those shots in previous games and I know he will do so in the future but you have got to get Durant the ball in those situations. My God, I could complain about this all night but just like when you date a girl because she has a cool personality then a month realize your not attracted to her, you have to just move on. I’ve actually never done that, but I’ve seen it happen a 1000 times. Never works out. Look at Jim Carrey’s ex wife. I mean Ryan Reynolds, possibly the coolest guy on earth, was engaged to Alanis Morissette for the love of God. Reynolds tried to make up for this by marrying the super hot Scarlett Johansson, they divorced after 2 years of her “mentally abusing him,” followed by her moving on to old man, Sean Penn. It seems to work out more often then not when the girl is more attractive then the guy but not when the guy is more attractive then the girl. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

I’m so annoyed with Westbrook for ruining my sweep prediction I didn’t really talk about the game. Well in a nutshell Ty Lawson had one of his better performances and Danilo gallinari hit what were probably the game clinching jump shots for the Nuggets. Kenyon Martin had a nice game and J.R. Smith contributed his usual couple of big 3’s. On the Thunder’s side Durant had 31, Westbrook 30(on 30 shots!!!!!!), and Dr. Nasty had another nice outing with 13 points, 14 boards, and 5 blocks. Hmmmm, maybe he should have gotten a few more shots as well. Oh yea “The Perk” had another monster game with 3 points and 6 rebounds. God, I can’t get over it. Westbrook?? Whyyyyyyyyy. The funny thing is with a win in their next game, I will forget all of this complaining and go back to praising him like he was the brother I never had. He will be in my prayers tonight along with Ryan Reynolds. I bid you adieu.