Z-Bo and Gasol eat Perkins like food, Thunder down 0-1


I was under the impression that Kendrick Perkins was a defensive force, a man child down low, the missing piece, and the one guy who can defend Andrew Bynum 1 on 1. Well maybe he can hang with Bynum, but he sure as hell can’t handle Zach Randolph or Marc Gasol as they treated Perk as if he were one of the dog’s tied to Mike Vick’s “mate rack.” Must I continue to listen to so called “experts” tell me how valuable this guy is? Is he really any better then Nazr Mohammed? Is he any better the Mark Madsen for that matter?

The Memphis Grizzlies did something today, that’s never happened before in the history of basketball. They are the first 8th seed to win a best of seven first round series, then win the opening game of the second round. How do you explain how a team finishes with the 8th best record in the conference, then dispatches the number 1 seed in 6 games, never even getting close to blown out, then 36 hours later dumping the red hot Thunder in Oklahoma City? It’s the equivalent of “The Situation” winning an Academy Award. I’ve never witnessed anything like this…..ever. That is both the Grizz and Sitch nation I am referring too, as they are both incredible movements.

The Grizz were scary good in game 1, with Randolph and Gasol taking turns treating Perk like a litter box, and getting solid play from every player who took off his warmups. Z-Bo the bald headed nut, unleashed his entire repertoire, including but not limited too, many, high arching, step back jumpers, a couple of impossible fade away’s, his usual retrieval of his own rebounds followed with his put backs, and even a 3 ball from straight on. The guy is on a mission, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Perk is deeply engrossed in a session with his psychiatrist as we speak. Randolph was amazing finishing with a playoff career-high 34 points and 10 rebounds. Oh yea, they have another couple of big men as well, one of those being Pau Gasol’s cute little kid brother, Marc, who had 20 points and 13 boards. Gasol was especially magnificent down the stretch, hitting clutch jumper after jumper, when his defender would sag off on Randolph or a driving Mike Conley. He is also one of the best passing big men in the league and is most likely shocking many viewers with his excellent all around game. Neither one of these guys is freakishly athletic, making what they do that much more impressive. They truly are the heart and soul of these Grizzzzz.

Kevin Durant had 31 and 11 rebounds for the Thunder, and Russell Westbrook added 29 points, 8 rebounds, and 6 assists. Unfortunately Westbrook needed 23 shots to get those points and was called for his usual couple of offensive fouls. Serge Ibaka had a very nice game with 16 points, 11 boards, and 5 blocks and is becoming very well known nationally as announcers are finally starting to catch on to how talented “Air Congo” truly is. The rest of the interior players for the Thunder were dismantled and treated like peons. The weak side rotation was horrendous as their was no help numerous times when Westbrook was beat off the dribble. It was just a game the Grizzz handled from the get go, as they led by 11 at halftime, with the Thunder coming within 3 in the 3rd before going behind by a whopping 17 points.

The Grizzlies have proven they can close out anyone, so Oklahoma City can’t count on their usual runs to bail them out from large deficits. Going back to their series against the Spurs, I have never seen a team withstand so many runs. Every time one happens or feels like it is going to happen, someone for the Grizz(usually Randolph) makes a clutch basket, tearing the heart out the opponent Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom style. Tim Duncan had to take his heart home in a doggy bag, and will probably never smell another finals appearance for the rest of his career. I don’t know what got into these young men, but I desperately need some of it! OK city has a battle on their hands. Let’s hope they are up to the task. It’s a sad, sad day in Oklahoma city.