What do Osama Bin Laden, D-Rose and Kobe have in common? All three failed their teams


How much would you pay to be the one who put the kill shot on Osama? Like $1000, $10,000, $ 100,000????? That has got to feel good. Someone should have scalped him in honor of the Indian Americans who were on this land before we stole it. Kind of like how Oklahoma City stole the Thunder. I always pictured a group of mercenary’s lead by Jean Claude Van Damme and Steven Seagal, banding together and going on a mission to find Osama and collect that bounty. I’m sure they could use the money as neither has had a hit movie for about 20 years. Oh well, anyway, yes the guy is dead and I’m happy about it. On to some other news….

Kobe “sodomy king” Bryant had a superb game, probably his best game of the playoffs, but Kobe and Pau Gasol managed to blow the game by themselves and cost their team from triumphing over Dallas in game 1 of this best of 7 series. With the Fakers up a single point, Kobe tried to drive to the hole, only to be cut off and made a horrible pass which was stolen. A Mav’s player was fouled, and Gasol fouled Dirk on the ensuing inbounds pass, going over his back trying to knock the ball away. Ridiculously dumb. Of course “da german” stroked both both of the freebies and gave Dallas a 1 point lead with about 19 tics on the clock. Kidd then did a great job of denying Kobe the ball, forcing the inbounds pass to go to Gasol. Kobe then tripped over his own feet trying to receive the ball from the stork aka Gasol, and Kidd ended up with the rock and hit 1 of 2 free throws. You know the rest of the story. Kobe gets the ball, like everyone knows he will, gets a pretty good shot at a game winning 3, and CLAAAAAAAAAANG!!!! On a side note, Tyson Chandler was very impressive and might have been the difference in the game. Sorry Mamba.

Man, one of these days I need to get out to Atlanta and see what the south truly has to offer. Hopefully just a heavy dose of “Blue Flame,” “Goosebumps,” and “Magic city!” The culture down there is just I something you need to experience for yourself, or so I hear. Speaking of the A-T-L, their basketball team is playing at an extremely high level right now, and I for one,never saw it coming. I thought they would be put under a spell by the Magic in the first round , and thought they would get trampled by the Bulls in the 2nd. Instead the won their first round series in 6 games then defeated Chi-Town in game 1 of the Eastern conference semi’s. Joe Johnson proved tonight, that he should be the highest paid player in the NBA and that the ridiculous contract he signed this past offseason was justified………….or just that he’s a pretty good shooter. Johnson and Seattle’s finest, Jamal Crawford were straight “naaaasty” down the stretch for the Hawks. Joey shot 12-18 from the floor, including 5 for 5 on trey balls and Crawford had 22 on assortment of jump shots. Oh you naaaaaaasty Joey!! That was a shout out to one of my favorite shows on television, “Gigolos.”

The Bulls on the other hand, have made me question how they ended the regular season with the NBA’s best record. They look terrible. WIthout a complete meltdown in game 1, and a derrick rose game winning layup in game 3, the really could have lost to the Pacers, a team who finished the season below .500??? After watching this game, I’m left with the same questions; Is Carlos Boozer anything close to an all-star? Can a combination of Keith Bogans and Ronnie Brewer get it done at shooting guard? other then when Korver is in the game of course. Does Luol Deng always disappear in big games? Is Joakim Noah the ugliest player in the NBA??? These things would keep me up at night if I was a fan of the Bulls. Good thing I’m not.

Anyway’s I’m supposed to start adding in some shorter posts, so I can get paid more, because my “lengthy” reads might be intimidating to some, especially people like me who went to public school. Can you imagine if they put all the money they put into finding Osama into trying to fix our nation’s public school system? Check out my boy “Hot Rod” in his ode to Obama’s death in the video below. Winning.