Rage, Rage, against the dying of the light! Thunder vanquish Grizz in 3OT


Wow…..I almost had to delay this post until tomorrow as tonight’s game had me pacing around my living room like a crack addict, shaking like a school girl in a blizzard, and using mass amounts of extremely profane language. Frankly, I’m exhausted. This may have been one of the greatest games I have witnessed, as both teams hit one inconceivable shot after another in a game that was outlandishly laborious for all involved.

By the way, the title of this post is taken from a Dylan Thomas poem, that was performed by Rodney Dangerfield in one of the greatest movies of all time, “Back to School.” If for some reason you have not seen this film, rent it immediately. Better yet, just buy it. Here is a link to the scene. He finally gets some respect! To bad he’s dead.

Memphis began the game with a bang, and took a 14-4 lead, eventually getting it all the way out to 35-18. At this point it looked as if OKC was putting out the same effort as the Lakers did last night and I thought they were finished. From this point on, this battle between 2 young teams, was an ESPN instant classic.

If you want a recap of the entire game, check out ESPN for this one because that will take me all night long. Let me just get into a few of the different game changing events all right? Zach Randolph has shot horrifically bad from the field since his incredible game including going 9/25 tonight. However he did hit 16/17 free throws and collect 16 rebounds. He missed a gimme layup in triple overtime right after Tony Allen had done the same on the previous possession and that was the game. I thought Allen was atrocious in this particular game and what do you know, they were -23 points when Tony was on the court! By my calculations, he would be the reason they lost the game, blowing numerous inside shots and being considerably off on all of his jumpers. Once again O.J. “da Juice man” Mayo was amazing for the Grizz, scoring 18 points, including 4 three pointers that were vital in them coming back multiple times. Aye, aye, ok, ok.

Speaking of Mayo, let me take you through on of the most idiotic decisions I have ever seen a head coach make. Mike Conley fouls out in the first overtime after taking a stupid shot with Memphis down 1 point. O.J. Mayo, you know the guy who has hit big shot after big shot for them tonight, has 5 fouls and is brought in to replace Conley. He then is forced to foul immediately on the inbounds pass, picking up his 6th and final foul. Let me ask you a question: If you are the head coach and know that you are going to foul immediately, what the F##k are you doing putting your best shooter in to pick up his last foul? Wouldn’t you just throw in some scrub? Mind blowing. Absolutely mind blowing to me, and the announcers didn’t even mention it???!!! I don’t get it.

A miraculous shot by Vasquez got the Grizz into the second overtime, which they should have won. OKC was down 3 points and Westbrook drove and kicked out to Harden for a deeeeeep 3 to tie the game. That may have been the shot of the game not being talked about, as if he had missed that shot, it would have been an uphill battle for them to come back and win. In the 3rd overtime it was obvious the Grizzlies were totally and utterly gassed as Randolph couldn’t get anything to drop and Durant hit some big shots. You almost feel bad for Grizz nation after a loss like that……..

Say what you want about Russell Westbrook, but the guy just keeps going to the rack at 100 miles an hour and hit some big time shots on his way to a 40 point night. It was strange how, for a stretch he was taking almost every shot and Durant all but disappeared but hey, they came out victorious. Durant finished with 35 points, 13 boards, and the game clinching baskets in the 3rd overtime, making you wonder why he wasn’t getting the rock more often previously. Let’s not nit pick here. Harden came up huge in this game with 19-7-7 hitting the aforementioned 3 pointer that saved their season. Home court advantage is back in the hand of OKC and I almost guarantee you they will prevail in the 2 upcoming games. I don’t believe the Grizz can recover from this emotionally draining defeat as they were oh so close to taking an improbably commanding 3-1 series lead. OKC will prevail in the next games. Lock it up.

One thing to take note on is that Ibaka hardly played, as he picked up 5 quick fouls, but even when out there it was obvious his ankle is messed up. I’ve never seen him be such a non-factor. Another thing the announcers failed to mention till like the 3rd overtime. Ridiculous. BUT, the Thunder didn’t need him tonight and they go home with the home court advantage firmly in their grasp. Memphis is done in the streets and OKC now lives by the slogan “DO NOT GO GENTLE INTO THAT GOOD NIGHT!