Durant and Westbrook Proved worthy in the eyes of King Aslan, making All-NBA Teams: Who else made the cut?


My inspiration for this post today? The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Feeling lazy today, I brilliantly thought of ordering a movie on pay-per-view, even knowing I was unable to get through the 2nd installment of the franchise. Not my best move. Corny is the best word to describe these series of films derived from author C.S. Lewis’s brilliant stories. Is C.S. Lewis the man behind Scientology, the religion that has turned Tom Cruise and John Travolta into nut bags? Producers needed to take these films into a darker place and take a few more risks as the Narnia movies are nothing remotely close to “Lord of the Ring” status. Budgeting may have come into play as the costumes look like they were rented from their local Halloween costume shop. Possibly the worst 5 bucks I ever spent. I would have rather given the cable company $2.50 and had them take me around back and kick me in the nuts then go through this torturous agony again……

I thought I would congratulate my boy’s on the Thunder for being included on the All-NBA first and second teams. This is Durant’s second consecutive season on the list, supplanting himself ahead of Carmelo Anthony for small forward supremacy going forward. Melo’s gonna need a naaaaasty season or a Durant injury to get that spot back.

Westbrook, made a mammoth improvement in his game this year, finishing only behind MVP Derrick Rose for the point guard spot. Will K.D. and Russ clash in the future over Westbrook’s sometimes ‘questionable’ shot selection or will they both be in town for the long term. After reading a blog about how Thunder G.M., Sam Presti, should trade him for Rondo, I couldn’t help but imagine what it’d be like. Nope, I’m over it. Westbrook is a freak, and I adore a good freak show. Lock him up Presti.

My God this movie is bad. If I saw this in the theatre, I would honest to Jesus walk out, and trust me, it takes a lot for me to do that. This flick is dripping with wack juice. Stay away.

Let’s take a quick look at the ALL-NBA 1st, 2nd, and 3rd team and see if your favorite blogger agrees with the selections.

1st team

MVP D-rose was the obvious choice at point guard, with a somewhat hobbled Kobe “sodomy king” Bryant joining him in the backcourt. Up front they have the only unanimous decision in King James the God’s son, along with our very own Kevin Durant and the man who’s baby momma stars on the classic show “basketball wives,” Dwight Howard AKA Dark chocolate.

No problems here, although I most likely would put Wade above Bryant, but maybe that’s just because I’m not a Mamba Stan.

2nd team

Another young Thunder don, RW is running the point, joined by Flash Aka D-Wade as the off guard. Didn’t Shaq Diesel give Wade that nickname? I just read something that said those two may never speak again?? What happened? Did I miss something? Can someone please send me the inside scoop ASAP? In the front court we have 3 power forwards with Dirk ‘Diggler’ Nowitski, Amare Stoudemire and Pau Gasol. I suppose Dirk can play some small forward and either of the other 2 could slide over to center. STAT and Diggler were more then deserving of these spots as you could make the case they were both more valuable this season then Durant. But Gasol?? He’s not even the best center in his own family anymore as Marc has shown the toughness that Gasol lacks, that is, at least that’s the case when Kobe’s former video h@ wife is trying to get Pau’s girl to break up with him during the playoffs. Does this couple ever learn?? First Kobe snitches on Shaq, now his WIFE is getting involved in other player’s relationships. Snitches get stitches according to my boy Delonte West. Kobes needs to put a leash on that. It is obvious to me that Zach Randolph is a better player then Pau and I bet his younger brother would agree.

3rd team

The third team includes the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili, the Hornets’ Chris Paul, the Trail Blazers’ LaMarcus Aldridge, the Grizzlies’ Zach Randolph and the Hawks’ Al Horford.

Uhhhh, if anyone caught my post the other day about Marvin Williams, then you surely know how I feel about Horford being selected. Can somebody explain to me how the 2nd team didn’t have to fill the center position with a guy who actually played the position on a consistent basis, yet the writers feel the need to vote in Horford, who isn’t even really a center himself. He is a power forward, and nowhere near All-NBA status. Now the guy has back to back all-star appearances and now a 3rd team all NBA on his resume. Next thing you know he’ll be going into the Hall of Fame. Just stop it. I’m wondering how Randolph and Aldridge, both made the 3rd team, but didn’t even make the all-star team. Oh yea, because the NBA feels the need to let players in that have no business being there such as Tim Duncan this year, instead of rewarding young guy’s having a great year. Kevin Love also didn’t belong over these 2 strictly based on the fact this his team was horrible, but Duncan is unacceptable to me. Chris Paul, looked nothing like the player we were used to, pretty much until the playoffs where he showed he still had it. I may have given it to Nash, who had another excellent season, despite being stripped of all the talent surrounding him. If they are going to do the 3 power forward thing on the 2nd team then I would put Bosh or maybe even Kevin Garnett in Horford’s spot.

Horford isn’t “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” bad, but he surely is not an all NBA player. Not in my house anyway. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED???? keep reading!