Can you speak the Thunn language? Best NBA and Rap duo’s


Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are quite the pair. Other then Lebron James and D-Wade there is none better in my opinion. Recently I downloaded an autobiography written by rapper Prodigy of Mobb Deep fame, which got me back into their music and made me wonder if they were the best rap duo of all time which gave me the idea for this posting since the Thunn-der have since been dismissed from the playoffs. I’m not gonna rate the top NBA duo’s of all time, jus the one’s that are together now. If I was getting paid more maybe I would take the time to do the necessary research but I don’t want to be up all night so let’s just stay in the present shall we. So this is what we are gonna do; Rate the top 5 rap duo’s in history and the top 5 NBA player duo’s of this season and also taking into account age and how good they will be together in the future barring a trade or injury. Let’s get the proceedings proceeding this evening.

Top 5 NBA Duo’s of 2010-2011 and beyond

#1 LeBron James and D-Wade

First things first, mannnn your F**king with the worst! Was there any other option? James is God’s son and Wade is “the truth” like Beanie Sigel. Paul Pierce should be stripped naked of that nickname. If we were speaking on the NBA’s most fearsome threesome’s then Bosh would surely be included on this list, but unfortunately for him he’s gonna have to sit this one out.

James has been nothing short of spectacular in this year’s playoffs, leading Miami in discarding the Celtics and Bulls, and forward into the NBA finals. His superb all-around play, has Scottie Pippen of all people, saying James could be better then Jordan when all is said and done. Speaking of these Scott Pipp comments, If I were Jordan I would take my private jet to wherever Pippen resides, and personally pimp slap the taste out of his mouth. That’s just me.

#2 Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

When your 22 years of age and your already a two-time defending scoring champion, your a problem. Kevin Durant seems like a lock to continue his journey on the way to becoming one of the greatest offensive players in NBA history and their is nobody I see taking his scoring crown anytime soon. He’s a decent rebounder and shot blocker and is becoming a better passer. Sky’s the limit.

“There’s been this rumor going around
About low life crab saying I ain’t down”

what do you know about this right here?

Westbrook was named as the 2nd most dominant point guard in the entire NBA this season, made the all-star team, and helped lead his team to the Western finals. Ummmmmm, what’s the problem here?? I’ve never seen this potent of a player get criticized so heavily. Enough! Derrick Rose played just as bad and was the MVP of the league, yet since Rose is Mr. momma’s boy, he gets no hate? I’ll ride with KD and RW any day of the week. Finals next year a guarantee.

#3 Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire

This could well be the most intriguing combination of all as here we have 2 of the most skilled offensive players in the league at their respective positions. There are many among NBA circles who count Melo as the most offensively superior basketball player in the world. That’s not my personal opinion, but he’s nonetheless very, very good.

Stoudemire has always been one of my favorites since becoming the first player to win rookie of the year while coming straight from high school. Everybody knows he a MF’n monster. Before he had microfracture surgery he was the most explosive dunking big man in the league. I shall never forget the season Phoenix played the Spurs and STAT absolutely slaughtered Duncan. It may be one of the highlights of my life. Anyway, the boy is not quite as explosive but has expanded his game quite impressively, as he’s able to step out and knock down jumpers with high consistency. I’m very interested to see how New York builds around these soldiers.

# 4 Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol

Though it pains me to do this, the man with the rapist wit belongs on this list, if Gasol wasn’t on the team then the honor would pass to Andrew Bynum, then Odom, etc etc. Kobes managed to make the all-NBA first team again as he added another great year on to his resume. Unfortunately for the Fake show, they got swept in the 2nd round. The fact remains that Kobe is still one of the best in the game and he has multiple all-star caliber sidekicks.

Gasol is the pick for Bryant’s wing man here. Before his melt down in the playoffs, caused by Kobe’s meddling wife, Pau was thought of as the most skilled big man in the league. Was that my opinion? Of course not, but many thought it so. Let’s see if the “White Swan” can recover.

# 5 Blake Griffin and Eric Gordon

I’m sure this will be the most controversial selection of mine but you’ve got to deal with it baby. Griffin showed his undeniable beastiality this season by seemingly banging on every guy in the league this past season. His offensive game will only improve and he’s already one of the supreme rebounders in the NBA. I don’t think beastiality means what I was trying to portray but you get my drift…..

Gordon is going to be a star in this league. At only 21 years of age, he is already a very gifted scorer and can play the point if he has to. I shudder to think about what the Clippers would have been able to do, had they not traded their 1st round pick, so they could draft Kyrie Irving to join forces with these 2 legends in the making.

Sorry Derrick Rose and Dwight Howard, your teammates are just peons and I don’t respect them enough to put you guy guys in the top 5 based on your individual performances. Maybe next year.

Top 5 All-time Rap duos

#1 Outkast

Based on record sales alone, they must be in the top spot. I can’t stand anything they’ve put out since Aquemini, but their first 2 records were classics so I will forgive them for turning into weirdos. I know you all love Andre 3000’s style and his solo hit “Roses.”

“I know you’d like to thank your sh!t don’t stank
But lean a little bit closer
See that roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo
Yeah, roses really smell like poo-oo-ooo”

Jesus, I hate that song with a passion and I hate when people use the word poop or boo-boo. It gives me the shivers. Don’t do it in my presence please.

Best Album- ATLiens

#2 Mobb Deep

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I recently read Prodigy’s autobiography, which had me downloading Mobb Deep’s entire catalogue of music. I was astounded by the amount of bangers this underrated duo have accumulated over the years. At one point in time Prodigy was considered one of the better rappers in the game, but he got sloppy as most rappers seem to do. The Queensbridge duo gets this spot based on their consistency and longevity in the game. Read the book!

Best Album- The Infamous

#3 UKG

Not my personal favorites, but as the most popular duo in Texas rap history, they must get this spot. After much underground success, UKG went on to bigger things, such as collaborations with Jay-Z and other big name artists. Pimp-C has since dies from sippin to much of that lean but Bun B still resides balls deep in the game.

Best Album- Underground Kingz

# 4 Heltah Skeltah

This one may surprise you, but these 2 rip it every time. Even while getting no main stream airplay, I’ve managed to follow them throughout the years and remain a stan of their music. If you haven’t heard it, it’s time to join the movement.

Best Album- D.I.R.T.
Peep out this song, one of my all time favorites that combines group #4 and #5

# 5 The Dogg Pound

The West Coast needs some kind of love on here, and the Luniz can’t make the cut based on Lakewood, Wa favorite “Yukmouth,” being a fun boy. Honestly, the Dogg Pound had the potential to easily grab the #2 spot on the list, but basically only dropped on major label distributed album as the rest were used as coasters on my living room table. “Dogg Food” was a classic and I will always remember the days when Kurupt was one of the best in the business. I don’t understand how these rappers fall off so hard, but it’s become a common theme.

Best Album- Dogg Food

Honorable mention- EPMD, The Luniz

I didn’t put in groups like “Eric B and Rakim” or “GangStarr” since only one of them rapped. Otherwise, they would both obviously be on the list.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this. If your gonna say Blackalicscious or Black thought or duo’s like that, please stay away.