Heatles Flame Out; James Abdicates the throne


Mario Chalmers isn’t scared to try and make something happen for his team. Mario Chalmers, who at long last was finally inserted in the starting lineup for the worthless Mike Bibby, played his heart out. Mario Chalmers, ran over to defend surrounded teammate Udonis Haslem, no matter how costly it could have ended up being. Mario Chalmers isn’t afraid of the big moment, like when he hit the game winning 3 pointer for the Kansas Jayhawks. The problem here? This likely career backup point guard, seemed to want it more then anyone on his entire team Sunday night. A few other problems? Chalmers took only 3 less shots then a man who been an all-star and made the all-NBA team every season since 2005, claiming 2 MVP’s along the way, LeBron James, 4 less then 2006 Finals MVP and 7 time all-star Dwyane Wade, and 3 MORE then 5 time all-star Chris Bosh. Why would you not go down with your big dogs? Why were Wade and James afraid to shoot the rock, and not playing with an urgency on either end of the floor in a do or die performance. That’s like Steve Kerr or B.J. Armstrong taking as many shots as MICHAEL JORDAN in a finals game! What a joke. I am stunned.

HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? For the 2011 NBA finals LeBron averaged 17.8 points a game. Those are Sean Elliot numbers. Those are John Starks numbers. Those are Vernon Maxwell numbers. I’m hereby stripping James of the “God’s son” title. His entire performance after game 1 is inexcusable. I have no explanation. The guy seemingly hit everything from the top of the key throughout the entire season and playoffs, yet only shot a couple of them in the final game(and he made them). James started off scoring 9 points in the first few minutes of the game then disappeared like a ghost in the darkness. Are his coaches not demanding that he attempt to score the basketball? Are they instructing him to drop off passes to Juwan Howard underneath the hoop instead of putting up the shot himself? THIS IS THE MOST ATHLETIC PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE? Possibly the most physically gifted athlete in the history of the NBA! Dirk Nowitski shot 1/12 in the first half and came out gunning in the 2nd. Where is this mentality with James? Wouldn’t you want to go down shooting? Wouldn’t you want to go out showing some passion, some heart, and some BALLS??? I am truly stunned. A player of this magnitude should be averaging 30 in games of this importance. Don’t talk to me about the assists or his rebounding either as he had better regular season averages in those categories as well. He was double teamed just as he was all year but that didn’t stop him from averaging 27 a game. So if he is trying to pass more to make plays for his teammates and shooting less shouldn’t be averaging over 10 assists a game? There is absolutely no reason a player of this magnitude, should not be shooting the ball 20-25 times a game no matter what. Say what you want about Kobe, but the guy will keep firing it up until he finds his rhythm. You can’t do that when your obviously scared and unconfident in your shooting abilities. Post up! Go inside! Draw contact! Your stronger then anyone on the court. DO SOMETHING! James should feel humiliated by his softer then charmin demeanor on the court.

Here’s another idea Coach Spoelstra might want to look into: Maybe try giving the ball to Bosh in the half-court offense, especially when he’s hitting everything he throws up. 9 shot attempts?? This is with Dallas’s best and only big man capable of guarding Bosh, Tyson Chandler, on the bench with foul trouble. You know Bosh the guy who put on a showcase in one of the games against the Bulls? 9 shots?

Where was Wade?? I’ll give him a pass since he was probably feeling the ill effects of the hip injury he suffered in game 5, but he didn’t play with much spark in the second half either. He must be furious about James’s cupcake performances. At least Wade had a few monster games early on to offset this one, though he did miss a game tying free throw and then bobble the inbounds pass, when they could have tied or won game 4. It huuuuuuuuuuuurts!!!

I don’t know what to think right now. As I stated a few posts back, I couldn’t help but root for the Mav’s but now I have feelings of sadness pertaining to the Heat losing. Wade is getting older and will continue to become more injury prone and I’ve heard rumors of Miami already thinking of trading Bosh. LeBron may end up leading a second rate cast of players in a couple years, just like when he was in Miami. With Chicago on the rise in the east and the Lakers, Mav’s, and the up and coming Thunder in the West, Miami could be hard pressed to obtain 1 title, let alone 6 or 7. I’ve never been as disappointed in a player as I am now with James. It honest to God saddens me. Having a television broadcast to announce you leaving Cleveland was not an issue for me. Them dancing around for the fans before the season started was not an issue for me. However the issue of him playing like a second rate wing man does bother me greatly and he should be ashamed. We are all witnesses……….

P.S. Remember I chose the Mavericks to win these finals. How many of you would have bet on the Grizzlies to beat the Spurs? The Mavericks to beat the Lakers? and the Mavericks to beat the HEAT? If you say you picked all of those your lying to me and yourself. Just a few days ago when it looked like Miami was about to take a 3-1 series lead, my friend who will remain nameless(D-Rich) was laughing at me for choosing Dallas on my blog. Never doubt the Dali Lama AKA Miss Cleo reincarnated AKA LT Murray IV.

The finals is over but the blogs will continually be churned out on a daily basis. Please continue to read. Thanks for a great season.