Who is Nikola Mirotic?


Ahh, the NBA draft. It’s finally almost here. Always one of my favorite days of the year, however, this year’s draft class is ridiculously weak. I’m talking historically bad. Like, there could be a record amount of Euro’s. Actually it’s pretty much a guarantee. Have you ever been to Greece or any country in Europe and seen the men with the skin tight jeans, greasy hair, unshaven, scraggly beards, and often holding hands with another man? Yep, those are the future stars of the NBA. The NBA, where Emo happens!!

The Oklahoma City Thunder have the benefit of being stacked, with every important player coming back, and possessing the 24th selection in the upcoming draft. What is their biggest need? Let’s take a look shall we.


Obviously not considered a position of need unless the plan going forward is to move Russell Westbrook to shooting guard, which I don’t believe is really necessary. Eric Maynor is a quality backup, who is also a former first round pick with “upside.” Maynor showed a deep stroke I never knew he possessed in the playoffs, that is until the conference finals where he came back to earth so to speak.

What quality point guards would I consider with this pick? Josh Selby based on his pure talent and upside alone. If he’s there, which he most likely will not be, they must take him, and possibly trade Maynor down the line or let him go if some team offers him a starter type contract. The other is Darius Morris, who is a bigger point guard, but seems to have a lot of ability and offers a different kind of talent then OKC possesses. This way they could bring Morris in for stretches and shift Westbrook over to the 2. Neither one of these guys should have a problem guarding opposing shooting guards.


OKC is set for the future with James Harden and also have defensive specialist Thabo Sefalosha to play the rest of the minutes. Thabo fits in nicely when there are scorers such as KD and Westbrook on the floor. No real need for a shooting guard here, though I like Providence’s Marshon Brooks. He won’t be there.


All-NBA first teamer and 2 time defending scoring champion Kevin Durant holds this spot down like Roseanne at an all you can eat buffet. He should become one of the 20 greatest players of all time.

This is where this post’s title boy comes into play. ESPN’s Chad Ford has Nikola Mirotic going to the Thunder at 24, and I don’t mind the pick at all. This is what Chadwick had to say:

Analysis: Sam Presti is an opportunist, and he is patient. Mirotic, based on talent, is a lottery pick. But a massive buyout means he won’t be playing in the NBA anytime soon. If he stays in the draft — a big “if” at this point — someone will gamble on him. If it’s Presti, he could be getting a major steal down the road. If Mirotic is off the board, Bogan Bogdanovic and Lucas Nogueira are possibilities.

Sounds good to me! Since we have no major needs, stashing a big time talent overseas sounds like a wonderful idea. Cheers!


I treated Serge Ibaka like a God on my website for months, and he did about as much for the Thunder in the conference finals as Anthony Weiner has done for Democrats as of late. I still contend that it was the injury he suffered in game 3 versus the Grizzzz that stopped his momentum. I still stand behind my prediction that he will be an all-star in 2 years. I’ve seen the future and it looks like an African beast!! Throw in Nick Collison, who played better then I’ve ever seen him in his life the last few rounds of the playoffs and your set at PF.

I like Tobias Harris from Tennessee as he brings a different skill set to the table but he looks softer then Ross Mathews. Nobody else is worth mentioning as they are all Euro’s and you know I hate white people.


Could the Thunder yet again, take a center with a first round pick? God, if they do they will have 4 true centers on the roster along with Ibaka would could slide over to that spot as well. You know my feelings about Kendrick Perkins….Most overrated player in NBA history. OKC has 2 former first round picks who have yet to play much at all who may be finally ready for some extended minutes in B.J. Mullens and last year’s dandy, Cole Aldrich.

The only center I would consider with this late of a pick is freak athlete, Jeremy Tyler. He left his San Diego high school after his JUNIOR year to play in Europe. It didn’t work out as he hoped but he played in Japan this last season as has looked very promising in workouts. He could be a monster. Wouldn’t be mad at that, no sir.

Its about time I wrote something about the Thunder again considering this website is about them!! Keep reading and give me feedback on what I can improve. hollllla