Mock Draft; The Game is to be Sold not Told


Truth be told, I’ve been ignoring some of my writing responsibilities as I’ve been too enthralled with “Game of Thrones” to pay mind to anything else. The book, not the show mind you. It took me 2 and 1/2 days to get through the 1st and I began work on the 2nd novel late last night. Safe to say I’m obsessed. Oh yea, I also had a job interview, so I apologize for being distracted as of late. Don’t tell me it’s too late to apologize. It’s tooooooooooo laaaaate.

So without further adieu, let’s get into this Mock, as I’m sitting inside sweating like a b!tch in heat……

1. Cleveland Calvaliers- Kryrie Irving PG, Duke

To me, Irving is the obvious choice here. Noticing how young point guards like MVP Derrick Rose and last year’s #1 choice John Wall look like superstars in the making(Rose already is one obviously) it’s not hard to see why the Cav’s would select the best one belonging to this draft class. I believe Derrick Williams has star potential, but it seems I am one of the few. Most project him as having a chance to be an all-star down the road, but probably not a great one. As long as Irving’s toe is not an issue moving forward, he is the right choice.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves- Derrick Williams SF, Arizona

Notice that I have Williams listed as small forward and not a power forward where he is being projected to play by many “experts.” There is nothing about D-Weezy’s game that screams power forward in my eyes, and he obviously has the athleticism to handle the small forward spot. I truly don’t understand why people like ESPN’s Chad Ford continue to insist the D-Will is a power forward. He should be pimp slapped ASAP.

Now their is a rumor going around that the T’Wolves are leaning towards drafting Enes Kanter in this spot. Don’t they realize they still have Darko “the Snow King” to man down the center spot? All jokes aside Kanter is 6 ’10, and not a great athlete, so why stick him next to another poor defensive player in Kevin Love? I understand that Minnesota already has Michael Beasley Weasley, Anthony Randolph(who the Knicks for some reason never played), and even last year’s number 4 overall pick to play small forward, but in this day and age’s NBA going small should not be an issue, and this is a incredibly talented group of players I just listed. If Rubio can come in and handle the PG spot, he should have a lot of fun(and assists) dropping dimes to this athletic group of young hogs. Oh, I almost forgot they still have Johnny Flynn as well………………..I still believe Johnny. I still believe……………….

3. Utah Jazz- Enes Kanter C, Kentucky/Euro

Here is where the draft’s mysteries become harder to unlock then a chastity belt( Get out the power drill). The latest rumors have Utah going with the big man who was forced to sit out last season due to getting paid over in Europe. This is perplexing to me considering their 3 most valuable players( 4 of 5 if you count Okur) play either PF or Center. I suppose it’s the right thing to do in a draft such as this, as nobody really projects to be a star.

I agree with not taking Brandon Knight with this selection. I’m not sold on the kid at all. I highly doubt he will ever be any better then Utah’s current PG, Devin Harris, who has been passed around like a village bicycle. Everybody get’s a turn! I could be wrong, but we all know that’s a rarity. I sort of like Jan Vesely, another Euro, who somehow looks like a freakish athlete in his game film, and believe he might be the best fit here, but it does not seem they are going with my opinion. Sucks for them.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers- Tristan Thompson PF, Texas

Wow, this guy has truly risen up the draft board in the past few weeks, and now it is being rumored Cleveland is strongly leaning towards drafting him. That is, if Kanter is off the board anyway. Kanter would be a bitter fit, as he fills a need at C. Thompson is the classic undersized power forward, but attacks the basket like a monster and has quite a bit of upside in my opinion. Now, Cleveland already has J.J. Hickson at PF who they refused to give up when trying to trade for Amare Stoudemire 2 seasons ago, and he is one of their best players. Obviously they must not feel he is a building block for them to draft another PF with this high of a pick, when their are some quality SG’s or small forwards available.

Another Euro to watch is Jonas Valanciunas, who Cleveland probably would have surely selected here, if not for the fact that there seems no way he can get out his Euro contract until after next season. I doubt Cleveland fans have the patience for a move such as this. God living in Cleveland must blow………Anything to do with Cleveland reminds of the movie “Major League,” a true classic for sure. Charlie Sheen starred and this got me thinking about all the movie deals Sheen said he had on the table after getting removed from “Two and a Half Men.” Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Charlie, it doesn’t look like the movie execs are lined up to get you buddy. Duhhhhhhh!

5. Toronto Raptors- Brandon Knight PG, Kentucky

It seems as if Toronto feels they will be lucky if Knight falls to them. A talent too great to pass up they say? I’m not so sure, but truthfully, who cares? Why do they still even have a team in CANADA, when Seattle doesn’t even have one? As long as the team resides where the mounties dwell, they will never contend. “That’s a guarantee playboy” to quote the great Aaron Robert Earl Jones.

6. Washington Wizards- Klay Thompson SG, WAAAAZU

This may shock some folks, as most experts have the Wiz drafting Kawhi Leonard, who I guess fills a bigger need at the small forward spot. Wait doesn’t Washington already have the biggest waste of space on this earth, Rashard Lewis manning the small forward spot? My God what a falloff.

The simple fact is, I love Thompson’s game and think he’s the perfect fit next to “Balls to the” Wall. Washington picked up Jordan Crawford last year and I like his game, but he might be better suited coming off the bench to provide scoring. Sort of like another Crawford, first name Jamal. If not Thompson I’m fine with the Leonard selection. At this point in the draft nobody really knows anyway.

7. Sacramento Kings- Kemba Walker PG, UCONN

The champ is here. The champ is heeeeeere. I’m nowhere near sold on Walker as an NBA point guard, as he is a scorer first. A combination of himself and Tyreke Evans(whom they also tried to make a point guard) doesn’t sound like a quality fit to me. It’ll be like two pit bulls fighting for the carcass off a chihuahua they just snatched from some old lady on the street. Vicious animals, pitt’s are.

At this point in the draft Walker might have have the most upside. It’s definitely better then taking “the Jimmer” here, as some have been prognosticating. I can just imagine Tyreke, DeMarcus Cousins, and “the Jimmer” playing cards in the locker room and Reke leaning over and asking him ” Heh Jimmer, have you ever had your sh!t pushed in.” Cousins would reply, ” I always get love from the homies!” Yikes. Send him to Utah or Indiana. Anywhere but here!

8. Detroit Pistons- Bismack Biyombo PF, Congo

Maybe everyone has been reading my slurping of our very own Thunder’s Serge Ibaka. Who wouldn’t want a freakishly athletic African man-child on their roster? This dude is supposed to have like a 7 ‘9 wingspan or something crazy like that. Yes, some men are longer then others…….

On the other hand, I read a long pointless article on about how he could at the least, turn out to be Joel Anthony with a little more “length.” Joel Anthony????? AWESOME!!!!! Maybe he should be going higher then this.

I also read something about how Detroit was known for developing defensive players like Biyombo. Oh really??? Why because they happened to luck out and get Ben Wallace for basically nothing? Does none of the credit go to the savagely hard working Wallace? That was all Detroit’s coaching? Are any of those coaches still there? It bothers me a great deal when just because a team did something once before, they will do it again. It’s the players not the coaches. Detroit went from a title contender to one of the worst teams in the league, all orchestrated by the same man in Joe Dumars. Ridiculous.

9. Charlotte Bobcats- Jordan Hamilton SF, Texas

Most mocks have them drafting Kansas’s Marcus Morris and playing it safe. Sweet! Michael Jordan continues to let me down with his personnel moves, and I’m betting he takes another “safe” player here. What he should do is draft Hamilton, someone with star potential, which is hard to imagine anyone else in this draft having.

Charlotte already has Tyrus Thomas and former Thunder superstar D.J. White to play PF, bring in a scorer. In this mock Vesely is also still available and would also be a good fit. Do the right thing Mike!

10. Milwaukee Bucks- Jan Vesely PF, Czech Republic

Considering this euro is going in many mock draft’s top 5, it would be a great blessing for the Bucks to get him at 10. They are in great need of shooting, and Vesely doesn’t provide that currently, but he has by far the most talent of anyone left on the board save for the aforementioned Jonas Valanciunas, but the Bucks are close to being a playoff team and likely want immediate results. Klay Thompson seems to be their top choice but in this mock he is gone baby, gone.

11. Golden State Warriors- Kawhi Leonard SF, SDSU

This would be a very nice fit for a defensively challenged Golden State team. Leonard brings to the table, everything their team lacks. Defense and toughness. Mark Jackson would be pleased to have him I’m sure. The Warriors have a talented back court and should have a full year of David Lee, and could be a much improved team next season, especially with the addition of Leonard.

12. Utah Jazz- Chris Singleton SF, Florida State

My, how Singleton has climbed up the draft boards. After the college season, he was ranked as a fringe first rounder, now he’s a projected lottery pick. Drafting a defensive specialist in the lottery is kind of reach in my opinion but once again, this draft is horrible and Utah lacks a small forward.

The Jazz’s fans could go nuts if they pass on “The Jimmer” here and maybe he is a good fit. I would personally take him over Singleton but the buzz is saying otherwise. They would treat Jimmer like Justin Beiber in Utah and that is where he belongs in my opinion. Come on Utah, do the proper thing here! It’s not like Singleton has a chance to be a star, not of my boy Beiber’s caliber anyway.

13. Phoenix Suns- Alec Burks SG, Colorado

I’m hearing whispers that Phoenix will not be picking up Vince Carter’s 17 million dollar option for next season…..SHOCKING! Yes, it’s time to move on at the shooting guard position and Burks fits nicely into the run and gun offense except for the fact that, oh yea he can’t shoot. His stroke needs work but he’s a special athlete who should fit in well. Jimmer is also a possibility here, since Phoenix turned one white scoring point guard into an MVP, they most surely can do it again if the theory about Detroit is correct. I really don’t like the state of the Suns right now. They seem lost in the sauce.

14. Houston Rockets- Jonas Valanciunas C, Lithuania

Though Valanciunas can’t come over until next season at the earliest, he is worth the selection at this point, unless Houston truly feels Hasheem Thabeet is a star in the making. The Rocket’s have a decent stable of young talent and should be improved next season, quite possibly a playoff team, and there is nobody that fills a need at this particular point in time. Take the Euro, and hope for the best.

I keep trying to squeeze in “The Jimmer” somewhere but Houston has no need for the Mormon assassin.

Check in with me tomorrow for the rest of the first round. Ta Ta.