NBA Draft Grades are In! See who flunked


Actually this headline is a tease. I will only be grading 2 teams at a time considering I must have over 30 posts a month to get paid. Such ruthless bosses I have. This will be done in alphabetical order so don’t get all uppity and impatient please or I might have to pull a Weston Cage roundhouse on you the next time we cross paths. If you didn’t know, I can’t get enough of this guy. So much so I may be changing my plans of dressing completely emo for Halloween, to just being this guy instead. I suppose it’s really not that big of a difference. To the grades!

Atlanta Hawks

1st round- None

2nd round- Keith Benson

Now I don’t know a ton about this string bean but anytime your 6’11 and weigh less then I do, I consider that a problem. I’m not fat I swear to God. That being said, I like everything I’ve read about him as well as his highlight video’s. The guy is a late bloomer and averaged a rock solid 3.6 rejections a game to go with his 18 points and 10 boards. Throw 20 lbs on this guy and he’s Atlanta’s starting center next year. Please don’t tell me Al Horford is a center. I’m guessing it will take a year or two for Benson, which by the way is a name that sounds more fitting for a butler then a basketball player, to crack the rotation. It’s also very possible he doesn’t even make the team or any NBA roster which is very common for second round picks.

Personally I would have drafted Josh Selby from Kansas for his upside or Isiah Thomas from Washington for the scoring punch he could provide off the bench considering they are most likely not going to resign another Seattle product in Jamal Crawford. Oh well, what do I know………

The Hawks traded away their first round pick in this draft and last year’s first rounder, Jordan Crawford for Kirk Hinrich midway through last season. These kinds of trades make me sick. Crawford looked great for the Wizards after the trade, and would have been a nice replacement for the aforementioned Crawford comma Jamal. Not only did they give up the young guy for a white non european who is over 30 years old, they also missed the chance of drafting a Marshon Brooks or Chris Singleton to help further build for the future. Sometimes you guys must wonder why I’m not an executive in a front office somewhere or maybe you don’t………..

Draft Grade: B-, when taking trade into account: D

Get a load of my dog Benson in the below video and bounce to the music!! We sooooo hood at thunderous intentions.

Boston Celtics

1st round- JaJuan Johnson (obtained from New Jersey)

2nd round- E’Twaun Moore

Anytime your able to get 2 seniors from Purdue you do it OK???!! Once again I must be completely honest. I hate Purdue with a passion so I try to avoid watching them play at all costs. However, both of these guys can play and could possibly contribute for Boston down the road, Johnson likely some next season.

Johnson averaged over 20 a game in the Big Ten so he can score some and with Big Baby most likely going elsewhere and Garnett continuing to age in dog years, the Celts most def need front line help.

Buuuuuuuuuut, if I was calling the shots, passing on Jordan Hamilton or Marshon Brooks would not have been an option. WIth Pierce getting up there in age, a small forward for the future is much needed. I know they traded the legend that is Kendrick Perkins for Jeff Green, and I do like Green a lot, Green can play the 3 and the 4 so they could go small with that pairing. I said Green 3 times in that last sentence and don’t care if it’s grammatically correct or not. They did draft Brooks which I thought was a total steal based on watching him play and how he performed in workouts, but they traded him for Johnson. Brooks would have made an interesting 3 guard rotation for the future with Rajon Rondo and Avery Bradley but alas, we shall never bare witness to it.

As far as their second rounder Moore goes, I’m not a huge fan of undersized shooting guards who are not overly athletic and also lack a pure shooting stroke. It’s a luxury if you ever get anything out of a second round pick, and I would be surprised if Moore sets foot on the court next year, or even makes the roster for that matter.

Here’s Johnson highlight real below. Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow! is any song anymore played out? Thank god the Steelers lost the superbowl or we would have been forced to listen to that all off season. Not a lesbian, but she a freak though!!!

Here is the 2nd rounder breaking it down to some URsher!! By the looks of it he added some home video. Light it up, push it to the limit gimmmmmmme moooooooore

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