NBA All-Star: Kevin Durant finishes second in the Three-Point Contest


Kevin Durant finished second in the Foot Locker Three-Point Contest after losing the tiebreaker shootout to Kevin Love in the finals.

Durant posted a score of just 14 in the final while Love hit 17.

Durant had his best round in the first making 20 of the possible 30 points. James Jones had the best round of the night with 22 in the first but had just 12 in the second.

Durant finished last a year ago in the contest with only seven points. He seemed motivated to come out and shoot better tonight but didn’t make the money balls when he needed them.

With the dunk contest being so horrible it really was kind of up to Durant to put on a show in this contest. After 20 in the first round it seemed like a big number like 25 could have been possible for him.

Tomorrow night the real show will be put on by the NBA All-Stars in the All-Star Game. There we will actually see some basketball and the in-game dunks will no doubt top what we saw tonight.