NBA 2K13: Breaking down the signature skills for every OKC Thunder player


The release of NBA 2K13 is less than two days away now. Many people have gotten their hands on the game already and have revealed player ratings and other information.

Signature skills is one of the biggest new additions to the game, a way to make the game more authentic by making players better in certain situations rather than relying solely on ratings. You can see all of the signature skills here and you can also view my prediction for what signature skills each Thunder player would have in NBA 2K13.

We now can confirm which signature skills each Thunder player has.

Kevin Durant – Shot creator, Microwave, Deadeye, Closer, Finisher

Durant’s signature skills were confirmed awhile ago actually but it’s worth going over them again now that everyone’s signature skills have been revealed as well. After playing the demo a ton, you can easily notice the impact of the signature skills. Durant heats up very quickly because of microwave and finishes just about everything at the time. Deadeye means defenders hardly affect his shot even with tight defense and shot creator means he gets a percentage boost when he gets an open shot after some dribble moves.

Russell Westbrook – Acrobat, Finisher, Pick Pocket, Interceptor, Ankle Breaker

I was surprised with some of these. I thought Westbrook would definitely get posterizer since he tries to dunk on people as much as anyone in the league. I also thought he might get shot creator or deadeye as well. Instead, 2K is giving him two skills for getting steals. Interceptor is definitely appropriate since he plays the passing lanes a lot but pick pocket is kind of a reach. Ankle breaker is also a little surprising. Westbrook has solid handles and can break his man down but he’s not exactly known for it. It works though nonetheless.

James Harden – Finisher, Shot creator, Microwave

This is right about what I expected for Harden. I thought maybe he would also get spot-up shooter but it’s understandable that he didn’t. Finisher was a no-brainer for Harden since he has one of the best shooting percentages at the rim in the league. Shot creator is a nice one for him too and microwave is pretty obvious since he comes off the bench.

Serge Ibaka – Hustle points, Eraser, Defensive anchor

These skills aren’t perfect for Ibaka. Hustle points is a little surprising but not horrible. Sure, he is good at finishing baskets after offensive rebounds but again, he’s not exactly known for it or considered elite at it. Eraser is obvious since Ibaka is one of the best shot blockers in the league. Defensive anchor was expected but kind of a stretch since Ibaka has a long way to go with his defensive fundamentals. He should have also gotten chasedown block because he gets a ton of blocks this way as well.

Kendrick Perkins – Brick wall, Bruiser, Defensive anchor

We knew Perkins would be getting brick wall and bruiser but defensive anchor was a little surprise. 2K overrated Perkins a little in NBA 2K13 it seems making him a 72 overall and really respecting his defense too.

Thabo Sefolosha – Active hands, Lockdown defender

We knew Sefolosha would get lockdown defender and active hands is a nice addition as well. Active hands basically means you are good at stripping the ball when players are going up for shots or layups.

Nick Collison – Charge card, Scrapper

These were both expected for Collison. He takes charges as well as anyone in the league and is known for his hustle which scrapper embodies.

Daequan Cook – Corner specialist, Spot up shooter

Cook had a down year shooting the three last season but 2K still respects him by giving him both of these signature skills. Cook will have a lot of value in the game because of this.

Eric Maynor – Dimer

I didn’t think Maynor would get any signature skills after playing just nine games last season. But 2K remembers him as one of the best backup point guards in the league. Dimer is a ncie compliment as not a lot of players have this skill in the game but you can definitely make the case that Maynor deserves it.