Is it Time For the OKC Thunder to Panic?

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Is it time to sound the alarms on the Oklahoma City Thunder?

It’s nearly February and yet the Thunder are still only sitting in 10th place in the West, a game back of New Orleans and three and a half back of Phoenix. Even more problematic, however, is the lack of consistency from the team.

After a nice four-game win streak that included victories against both the Wizards and Warriors, the Thunder would then drop three of their next four games, culminating in the worst loss of the season, a 100-92 loss to the 9-37 Knicks. This loss would already be devastating enough but given that the Thunder are over the halfway point of the season, every game in which they don’t gain ground on the Suns becomes that much more devastating.

That said, there are still 36 games left for the Thunder. The team is fully healthy (pending Kevin Durant’s recently discovered toe issue). Is it unreasonable to assume that they’ll find a way to make the playoffs with nearly half of the season left to play? Maybe. Maybe not.

Ultimately, Oklahoma City’s season will depend on multiple factors, among them how they fare against the competition, their remaining schedule, as well as the team’s experience and chemistry.

In this special edition of Thunder Analysis, David Ramil and I will discuss exactly what does or does not break in OKC’s favor as the team frantically attempts  to salvage their playoff hopes.

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