OKC Thunder Grades: Thunder Can’t Keep Pace with Indiana


The Storm Report has your OKC Thunder grades from today’s loss against the Indiana Pacers. Oklahoma City came out firing on all cylinders en route to 32 first-quarter points (of which, Russell Westbrook was responsible for 22 ). However, OKC had just as much trouble defending Indiana and spent much of the game in a dog fight, one that the Thunder couldn’t come out on top of despite Westbrook’s career-high 54 points. The final nail in the coffin for Oklahoma City was a historically bad free throw performance (11-for-28) which cost them dearly down the stretch.

100. 104. 149. Final. 116


DION WAITERS. C+. . G. OKC Thunder

Stats: 16 points, 7-of-16 FGA, 2 rebounds, 1 assist.

This was a pretty typical Waiters game. He had some outstanding one-on-one takes, solid on-ball defense and yet, he still can’t seem to find his man off the ball and his shot selection became maddeningly erratic in the second quarter. Dion gonna Dion.


Stats: 54 points, 21-of-43 FGA, 9 rebounds, 8 assists.

As I’m writing these grades, I’m browsing Twitter and see an inordinate amount of criticism toward Westbrook. So I’ll say this, on a day where the rest of the Thunder looked to be sleepwalking at times: Russell was an absolute terror. He was attacking at every opportunity and Indiana had ZERO answer for him. The technical foul wasn’t great but any time a guy ties the franchise record for single-game points, shoots nearly 50% while he’s at it, and nearly grabs a triple double, you’re watching greatness.

OKC Thunder. ENES KANTER. C. . C

Stats: 13

points, 5-of-11 FGA, 5 rebounds, 1 block.

I had to double check the box score to ensure that Kanter actually made the trip. In a game where OKC desperately needed someone to help shoulder the load, Kanter was largely absent as he got beat up inside the paint by

Roy Hibbert

. It was also one of the first games where the Thunder got out rebounded as a team and Kanter only securing five boards was a big catalyst of that deficiency.


Stats: 3 points, 1-of-2 FGA, 1 steal.

Roberson didn’t exactly “stuff” the stat sheet but he actually did quite a bit of good, intangible basketball stuff. While he’s never going to be an offensive force, he was the only Thunder player that appeared capable of staying in front of

George Hill

. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that when Hill went on his own little mini-run in the fourth, Roberson was on the bench. He’s really got to learn how to be an offensive contributor though.


Stats: 4 points, 2-of-6 FGA, 10 rebounds.

Adams was a mix of good and bad today. On the plus side, he and Westbrook appeared to be the only two Thunder players with a real keen interest in rebounding. He also did a good job of keeping himself out of foul trouble this game. However, he just looked off on the offensive end. He missed a couple of gimme shots in the post and shot an abysmal 0-for-6 from the free throw line. Adams is a nice young player but there’s some games where he just leaves you feeling somewhat unsatisfied.


D-. . G-F-C. OKC Thunder. THE BENCH

Stats: 14 points, 5-of-17 FGA, 16 rebounds, 7 assists.

My goodness, the bench was horrid today.

Anthony Morrow

led the second unit in points…with seven.

Nick Collison

mustered eight boards but also posted a paltry -11, which is very uncharacteristic for a player of his IQ.

Mitch McGary

hustled so that was okay, I guess?

D.J. Augustin

was the only player on the team with a positive +/- but he was also held scoreless. Probably best for the bench to just forget about this one.

INDIANA PACERS – Top Performer

A-. . G. Indiana Pacers. C.J. MILES

Stats: 30 points, 9-of-14 FGA, 3 assists, 10 rebounds, 1 steal.

That sizzling you hear is Indiana’s nets from Miles’ long-range assault. OKC struggled in rotating to the perimeter and Miles made the most of it, knocking down six three-pointers and was largely the one player that the Thunder simply couldn’t check.

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