Kevin Durant’s Top 10 Moments with the Thunder

Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports /
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1. Durant’s MVP Award

Durant had been in the heart of the MVP race for the majority of his career. After three second place finishes to LeBron James he finally won his first MVP Award during the 2013-14 season. The award came during the best season of his career, which featured his two month streak mentioned earlier. It was an honor that was only a matter of time for Durant.

To show how good Durant’s MVP season was, here is a look at his stats from that season compared to this year’s first ever unanimous MVP, Stephen Curry.

  Durant’s 2013-14 MVP Stats:  32.0 points,  7.4 rebounds,  5.5 assists,  0.7 blocks,  1.3 steals

Curry’s Unanimous MVP Stats:  30.1 points,  5.4 rebounds,  6.7 assists,  0.2 blocks,  2.1 steals

As you can see, Durant’s MVP season matches up to any in recent history. He finally proved to the league and the basketball world that he was deserving of the honor of greatest for a season. The MVP was the first in Oklahoma City franchise history and only the third in Seattle/Oklahoma City history.

Durant’s MVP Award is the crowing achievement of his incredibly successful stint with Oklahoma City. He has helped put the Thunder among the league’s elite and hopefully he will continue to succeed in Oklahoma City for years to come.

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