Kevin Durant’s Top 10 Moments with the Thunder

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Kevin Durant
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4. Career PPG Averages

When discussing his All-Star game MVP, I mentioned that Durant is currently first all-time in points per game in All-Star game history. That title is something that any player would be proud to have, but what if I told you that Durant’s points per game success doesn’t stop there?

Durant also averages the third most career points per game in the history of the NBA at 27.4. While that last sentence may be impressive enough on its own, just look at the company Durant is in on that list.

Highest Career PPG Averages

Michael Jordan- 30.12

Wilt Chamberlain– 30.07

Kevin Durant- 27.40*

Elgin Baylor– 27.36

LeBron James- 27.19*

*current player

As you can see, what Durant has done over the course of his career so far has been nothing short of great. He has been one of the greatest regular season scorers that the NBA has ever seen, but it doesn’t end there. Durant also averages the fourth most playoff points per game in NBA history.

Highest Career Playoff PPG Averages

Michael Jordan- 33.45

Allen Iverson– 29.73

Jerry West– 29.13

Kevin Durant- 28.79*

LeBron James- 28.00*

*current player

When you look at lists like that and see just how his numbers compare to the greats you realize that what we’ve been witnessing Durant do in Oklahoma City has been something that hasn’t been seen since Michael Jordan.

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